What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

Batman Begins HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 11:37
We have finally completed our Dark Knight HISHE trilogy! I hope you enjoy it.

This short is was one that I wanted to make a long long time ago, but I'm so glad we didn't make it till now. Don't ask me why we waited so long. I suppose we just wanted to work on other titles. But the joke with the train has always been the scene I wanted to spoof. Let's talk Batman Begins! So when Ra's Al Ghul first flips the switch to the microwave emitter he says "And the word is, Panic" and he flips a switch right on the side of the machine. To me that screamed the controls are right on the device and what does Batman do when he finally catches up to Ra's on the train? He jumps on TOP of the Emitter and does NOTHING to turn it off. Remember he already knows the plan here. He knows the weapon has gone missing. His prime objective should be turn it off. Now people will defend the logic "Well Ra's and him start fighting, there was no time!" I disagree only because of what I just said. Ra's flips a single switch, so Batman could switch it right back. At least try. Also it's just a joke. I really love Batman Begins :) I just think the logic of we have to destroy this train so there can be an explosion at the end is really silly.

So I hope you enjoyed the short. I am really excited about it. It was a long time to finally get this vid made, but now it's here, and I love that we have 3 Dark Knight parodies now. And thank you to Max aka GassyMexican for being available to play Fox again. A lot of scurrying about went into this one. I think everyone did a really great job.

Smaug Has Arrived

Submitted by Daniel on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 16:01

It's been a while since i've posted anything so I wanted to try and put something out there since we just launched our Desolation of Smaug HISHE. But I should warn you, I'm going on very little sleep because preparing this latest short was a massive undertaking and I'm a liiiiiiiiittle wiped out. Caffeine and sugar can only sustain one for so long.

So thanks for watching the latest! I hope you guys like it. I want to thank Tina and Otis especially on this one. They both worked very hard and I think they deserve a round of applause. I'd also like to thank the cold/sickness I caught during making this short because without it my Smaug voice would not have been possible. Probably the only time I'd ever thank getting sick. And last I want to thank TVOOVIES. They were really nice and I'm glad we got to work together, even if it was for very brief lines. They were really cool and you guys should subscribe and support them also.

Well, that's all i can think to share right now… I'm running on fumes… so I think i'll just call it a day. If you are wondering where Star Wars Episode 1 HISHE is, the answer is it IS next. We had to bump SW because of scheduling conflicts with all the previous videos and now we're caught up so. On to Phantom Menace! hooray!

Oh, last. I need to address this. If you are a regular on this site and you are noticing that the forum isn't working like it used to… it's because the winds of change are a brewing. The forum has been closed to silence the spam and also because it is being used less and less. It's been a slow halt, but it's just the way it goes with all the options of social networks now. So, if this news makes you sad, I am very sorry. We appreciate your dedication, and we will always remember those who have been with us since the beginning. It's just time to close it. We still love you.

Okay. That's all I got. I really need to get off the computer… I feel like a zombie :) Hope everyone likes the Smaug HISHE!

Nostalgia Critic - Man of Steel

Submitted by Daniel on Wed, 11/27/2013 - 12:13
That Guy with the Glasses reached out to us about being part of their Man of Steel episode. It's a very in depth talk about all things Man of Steel so if you've got time to spare I recommend watching the whole episode. But if you're not interested in the long haul, or just don't have time to view the ep in its epic entirety, our scene starts at 46:40

Thanks Doug Walker for letting us be a part of the show!

Doctor Who HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Wed, 11/20/2013 - 11:24
Even though I can't say I'm an original fan of Doctor Who, I can say I am a huge fan now. I was a late late bloomer. At first I did not like the show, as I think a lot of people feel. It was silly, it the effects were dated, I just didn't "get it". I walked away from it even though Tina and her husband swore it was a great show. So I remember (although I can't remember which short it was) starting to force myself to play episodes in the background while I worked. Netflix is great that way. It can also be a huge distraction, so I don't recommend this professionally. I got to the episode 6 "Dalek" when I finally realized this show had way more depth than just a scifi run and shoot adventure. I started to see the beauty in the writing and I started to enjoy the show. I was quite proud of myself really. Like I felt I understood now what people have known for a long time. And there were still mountains of episodes from even further in the past to discover. Episodes which I'm still not completely caught up on.

So as a newborn to Doctor Who I was completely not prepared for the concept of regenerations, so season one finale was a enormous shock to me. And like most peoples reactions to the "next doctor" I did not like David Tennant. He felt like an imposter to the show I had finally learned to understand, and now the show had flipped on its side. But then... Tennant's episodes started to get even better than Eccleston's. So many great stories! I even started telling people, If you want a sample of the show, start at "The Girl in the Fireplace". That way you get a taste of the old and scifi mixture, the writing is super sharp, you already know the Doctor will be different, AND Madame de Pompadour is an absolute fox... Looking back I think she might have been a huge reason I liked that ep so much, but I still say it's an amazing stand alone episode. Do NOT try the show out with Blink! I hate when people suggest that. Blink is one of the best episodes! Why would you tell someone to watch something at it's peak? "Hey if you're gonna try game of thrones, just skip to the red wedding" That's what you sound like... ANYWAY.. girl in the fireplace.

So Why all this back story? I'm getting to the finale of Season 2. Doomsday. Since I had completely fallen in love with this show by now, I had no idea NO IDEA that it was about to smash my expectations/heart all over again. Doomsday hit me like a train (as I know it did many others) And it was always the finale that stood out above all things Doctor Who to me. Don't get me wrong "The End of Time" ending was equally heartbreaking, but that was after such a long great run of amazing episodes, Tennant's exit felt more poetic and perfect than Season 2.

Which brings me to The HISHE cartoon. As fans of the show now, we had always wanted to make a Doctor Who episode. We had a little sample in our Looper HISHE. But we never officially took the plunge until now. BBC America wanted to dedicate an entire week to Doctor Who to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, and when we heard the opportunity was there to participate we decided to drop everything and go with the Doctor. Because like any whovian knows, if the Doctor invites you to go somewhere, you take his hand and never look back right? :)

So what better doctor who episode to HISHE than Doomsday? None in our minds, so that's why we chose it. I'm so happy to see the positive response from the fans as well. Believe me, this was an episode that felt very "risky"and I wasn't entirely sure people would appreciate us invading their cherished scene. To see the landslide of approval comments just hits me in the feels. So thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. A lot of work by some pretty awesome chaps (not including myself) went into this one. Stephanie had to simulate crying Rose, that's not easy. Otis had to paint two Tardis's that look incredible. Tina had to put up with my triple checking every little step of the episode. And YOU had to listen to my American attempt at a David Tennant impression :) So... asking a lot from everyone! In the end, this is one of my favorite shorts to have put together.

-Later Friends

Into Darkness HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 09/30/2013 - 19:09
After what feels like a life time I'm happy to finally present our latest short, How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended! This is a special episode/colaboration which was written and almost voiced entirely by our friends at Screen Junkies. After we animated a segment for their Into Darkness Honest Trailer we thought it would be cool to see what they could come up with for an entire episode, and we were not disappointed! It's always risky when other people write episodes for us. You never quite know what to expect, but I thought they brought up lots of relevant "issues" to the plot/series, as well as keeping it fun to work on. Big Thank You's to Spencer Gilbert and Andy Signore for writing and getting us such great new voice work as well! This short is crammed with new voices! Andy Signore (Star fleet Officer), Piotr Michael (Khan & Original Spock), and Jon Bailey (aka movie trailer voice/our Klingon) And Otis Frampton with his always wonderful background art! His art made all of the sets feel so grand in scale. They all did amazing jobs. It was a complete blast of a project to build.

So I hope you guys enjoy it. I know I'm completely biased. Thanks for watching!

Later friends!

Honest Trailers & HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Tue, 08/20/2013 - 18:19
We animated a segment for the latest Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies!

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Breaking Bad "Star Trek" scene Animated

Submitted by Daniel on Tue, 08/13/2013 - 14:47

Man of Steel HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 17:58

When MoS hit theaters, I knew there would be a wave of requests for us to parody it, but I did not think it would be as many requests as we actually received. Not only were people demanding it, they were getting mad for having to wait. Even when the movie wasn't even 2 weeks old. People were acting like why have you not made this cartoon yet?!? and they were serious. 3 weeks in theaters, WHERE IS MAN OF STEEL?!?! I'm gonna unsub if you don't hurry up! As if our cartoons are ever made that fast, and never mind we were already making fast and the furious while prepping man of steel during that time. It was clear what our fans wanted. So it has been with great care that we took on this title and now, one month later, the Man of Steel HISHE is completed and as always I hope you enjoy it.

I personally love this short.  And not like a oh pat myself on the back kind of thing, I'm just excited at how many people got to be involved in this one. There are lots of names, old and new, attached to it and I always love the shorts that have multiple people involved.  Always feels like a bigger accomplishment for some reason.  This is our first short to feature 3 new guest voices. The Fine Bros, who play the Kryptonian soldiers, and who also made a Teens React episode of HISHE a while back. And Scott Stoked, who plays Jor-El and Jonathan Kent (which is a bonus clip for later) It's always great to have multiple voice actors rather than just my goofy voice for everything.  So I'm always a fan of new voices, and I thought they all did a great job.

Otis Frampton painted some beautiful backgrounds, as he always does.  Everything from his genesis chamber to the Kent living room just feels perfect to me.  And Bryan English always makes a great soundtrack when we get to use him.  So I'm a little sentimental on this one.  It was an important cartoon, and I'm really happy with what we put together.  As for story, if you hate what we've made, or you thought we should have gone in a different direction, or maybe you are just interested in our thought process, the writing process went like this:

I saw the movie 4 times, Tina watched twice I believe.  Tina and I have talked about Man of Steel seriously all month long.  So much so that we are pretty exhausted about it :) What is it about MoS that some found annoying but others find awesome?  What is it that are leaving some unsatisfied?  Is it the complexity of the mixed signals Kal-El's two dads give him?  Is it the neck snapping?  Is it the lack of light hardheartedness?  Yes.  So where could the movie have changed that?  At the fourth viewing it hit me, It's pretty silly that Kal-El doesn't even go talk to his hologram dad when Zod shows up and threatens the earth.  Not even to just say "Hey I'm gonna go fight Zod, you got any pointers?"  He already knows his dad knows about him.  Why wouldn't you just go ask him about it?  But he doesn't do that.  He goes and thinks about it alone in a random church so we can have the symbolic stain-glass window scene, and then immediately turns himself over to the army/humanity

No.  Kal-El/Clark Kent would not do this.  He would immediately go back and talk to space dad. (which is already in itself the same symbolism of the stain-glass window if you ask me) And then space dad would say "Just go throw your phantom drive into theirs" just as he tells Lois when she miraculously thinks to plug Clark's control key into the first triangle shaped hole she finds on board Zod's ship.  We don't even have to go into the why didn't Jor-El just disable Zod's ship completely while he was there... because if Clark had gone to dad in the first place, he wouldn't have to.  And even more importantly if Clark had gone to dad in the first place, absolutely none of the destruction would have ever taken place during the Zod battle.  Game over.  The world is saved along with all the people inside the would be demolished buildings.

So that's what we ran with.  Supe saves the day.... again.  :)

Thanks for watching!  Hope you guys enjoyed it.


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Fast and Furious 6 HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Tue, 06/25/2013 - 12:36
We've finally got a Fast and Furious Title in the HISHE collection! Please enjoy our latest "How Fast and Furious 6 Should Have Ended." This was a fun one to work on. We haven't really focused on driving sequences in the past, so it was interesting discovering just how many pieces we'd need to illustrate this chase sequence. Big ups to Otis Frampton for building some great highway environments for us to speed through. This short also has a new voice. A friend of ours, William Epps gave us his performance and proved he's not shy behind the mic. So I hope you guys enjoy our latest!

News for the next short, if you chose to not watch our update video, Man of Steel is next, and we've got an idea in store that I am so very excited about. I think you guys are going to love it. So that's what's in the works. This summer's line up is such a great source of awesome movies! Makes my job way more fun. Iron Man, Superman, Hunger Games, Pacific Rim, Fast and Furious, Oblivion, World War Z, Monsters University... that's all i can think of at the moment but I know there's even more. Man, I love summers like this.

Ok, I've got work to do. Till next time!

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Iron Man 3 HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 18:13

It's here! It's finally here! Iron Man 3 is finally a HISHE! Whew! After what feels like 3 months (but was actually 3 weeks) We finally completed another Super Hero short. These are always very dear to me. The pressure is huge, expectations are high, but when it all comes together and works out in the end it makes the the final version feel so rewarding. But enough about that! lets talk Iron Man!

(Spoiler talk ahead?) Ok, so why did we? Save the house? Because it's revealed at the end of the film that all of his suits are completely remote functional through Jarvis, and if Tony isn't gonna have some kind of turret defense or at least SOME kind of proximity alarm, we think the easy go to answer is, "Just send out the house party IronMenDrones" let them defend the castle. Since Tony's biggest worry is protecting Pepper we felt the least he could do was use every resource he had to you know... protect what was most precious to him... but he doesn't and instead uses a prototype suit that is not combat ready and dosen't even look out the window....

So why You're freaking me out?! That scene was our facebook fan winner's idea, who came up with 2 bits which we combined into one joke. We asked the facebook fans to help write a joke about Stark and Harley.  His was one of the most popular and it made us laugh.

Why the Incredibles talk?  At the point when you learn Killian is evil because Tony left him up on the roof at Y2K, you'll notice the scene is almost identical to when Mr. Incredible is trapped by Syndrom. His arms and legs are bound, he's inside the villains lair, the villain is monologing, there's even a female assistant in the room (who's life is threatened) We just couldn't pass up pointing out the comparison.

So why the Avengers? To point out that none of the Avengers even care about Tony's problem/the worlds problem in this movie (even hulk is falling asleep after the credits). The president is kidnapped and Captain America isn't even alerted? Sayeth Whaaaat? And then Tony destroys all of his suits which pretty much reverses the idea. Even if the Avengers needed him right away it would take him some time to prepare. So with this being sort of the finale of iron man movies, with the comparison to the Dark Knight trilogy, with Pepper actually blowing up the Mandarin instead of Tony there were just too many points to make that would not make Stark look superior unlike our previous episodes.  The more we piled on the more fun it became. :)

And why Margarine? Because it's not the real thing... like the Mandarin.

That's the break down.  On a very personal level I want to thank everyone who particiapted in this short.  This short did a number on me and everyone involed really helped turn a giant stress ball into a really fun and actually now one of my favorite shorts to date!  So my sincere love and thanks goes out to them.  Otis' background art is amazing.  We got to use almost ALL of our Avengers voices.  It really all fell into place in a way i didn't think would be possible, and I'm so happy that it did. :)  Thanks for watching (and reading this novel) I hope you enjoyed the short.

-Later Friends!

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