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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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It's getting to be that time and I probably should be getting ready for the show, but instead I am taking this pause to let everyone know that I am starting to freakout over this whole thing :)  So many websites I enjoy, so many talented groups, all with the power to blog you into oblivion... and me, the guy who sits in his office drawing pictures everyday.  It seems a bit intimidating, no it IS intimidating.  Anyway, I'm going to try to just have a blast and not worry (because worrying profits nothing)  but I'm really getting antsy.  Hope all goes well. Well I need to get to it.  Later peeps.  I gotta go put on a suit, which is just one more thing I don't regularly do.  Yay suit wearin'!


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Cap and Tina, have a fantastic time!You're absolutely right, Cap - don't worry, be yourself, just have fun - those are the things that got you guys to this point in the first place.Hope to see you on the Red Carpet and of course, we're rooting for you to WIN!P.S. Tell Felicia that Jake says hi.  ;)

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Are the Streamy Awards live anywhere online? TV maybe?

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Just go to or've had the red carpet pre-show on in the background (it just ended) - didn't see Daniel or Tina - hopefully when HISHE wins!The Awards start at 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT. 

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Best Animated Web Series! That's so fantastic. Congratulations, HISHE! Fun to see you onstage, Daniel and Tina.  ;)EDIT: And I just have to say - and I'm using zero hyperbole when I say it - that had to be the most bizarre awards ceremony I have *ever* seen.

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Was watching the awards and just saw you all win Best Web Series. CONGRATS! Totally awesome and definitely you all deserved it.

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I was watching the awards long enough to see you win and then it froze on my computer, but I guess it's pretty awesome that the last of the Streamys I get to see was HISHE winning an award.  Yay!

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Congratulations guys, I'm so excited! I'd say a bit more but right now i'm just a bit dissapointed I missed seeing it live ... or online live I should say. Will we be able to see the recording later?

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I'm not saying "no" because they won, I'm saying "NO!" because the live feed was so bad that I couldn't watch it for more than 5 minutes without it stopping so I couldn't watch it...I seriously hope that there's a way to watch these awards later because I'll be sad if there isn't...

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Congratz hishe it was well deserved :) I didn't watch the steamys due to having to get up at 1am and that means loosing sleep.But I found this and you can scroll down a bit to watch Daniel and Tina.  

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 Congrats on the award!  I mean, it isn't a lamp shaped like a woman's leg.. you know a MAJOR AWARD, but it still is pretty damn spiffy awesome./can't believe I was going to use the word "spiffy" 

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    Like 24, MI-5 is thrilling, dramatic, and fast, yet this British series is much more concise. Each story is complex and convincing, plus the scripts are very well written. A lot goes on in each episode, and it's detrimental for a show like this to keep the action and tension going as fast as possible. I didn't expect MI-5 to be this fast-paced. Obviously there are the usual board meetings and discussions, but they're always interesting and important to the story. The way each episode is structured, the scripts are required to cover a lot of ground. A terrorist problem or situation, whatever the ramifications or involvement, needs to be introduced carefully, but also effectively in order to grab the viewer's attention. And it works, it works quite well.   The other rewarding thing about this show is the fact that the first season is comprised of only six episodes. While this seems incredibly short, the idea is actually very good. This ensures that each episode is strong in content and execution. American shows tend to run for 20-25 episodes a season, and while developments occur, there are always the filler episodes. With MI-5 there is nothing like it, no filler material at all. In fact, the first season sees a lot of development. Towards the end of the second episode, a confrontation between the good and the bad ends shockingly. Also, agent Tom Quinn must keep his real identity a secret from his girlfriend and her young daughter, a reality that comes with the job, but not being able to be truthful with his girlfriend is eating away at him. 

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Well it looks like my little vent/pep talk did the trick.  Not only did we win, but I feel like I met so many people I would never have the nerve to even talk to.   I'll give a break down from what I can remember.We got to do the whole redcarpet thing, which stresses me out to no avail, so there are cameras and reporters doing little interviews and stuff.  First person I see... Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell.  He's here??? what?  Anyway, we did some interviews, which were extremely awkward, because nobody knew who we were or really what to ask us.  One girl I recognized was Pop17 who didn't know our site at all, but she was much more nice and appreciative than the other people seemed to be.  Another thing that I couldn't get over were all the giant tripods with tiny tiny still cameras being used to shoot video.  I know that's just the future, but it looks ridiculous on that massive tripod.  Anyway, next we go inside.There are lots of familiar web faces.  Tay Zonday, What the Buck, Lisa Nova, Smosh, Shane Dawson, iJustine, and then out of no where Patrick Duffy walks by!  I laughed because he walked right past me and Tina, actually looked at me and Tina, and Tina missed it because she was looking in her bag for something at the time.  I laughed and said "You just missed Patrick Duffy walk past us."  to which she said "who's Patrick Duffy?"  and that just made it even more hilarious.  The mingling continued and I felt like we should be talking to someone, because after all Patrick Duffy did just walk by and we could have been all "Hey what up?  We're from the same city of that show you were in so long ago!"  And he'd probably say "What show? Step by step? because did you notice Mr.Belding was here too, so clearly someone did a search on shows from the 90's before sending out invitations."  AND then we'd be all "NO DALLAS FOOL!"  ... this is getting off track.  I'm sorry I am alittle delirious right now.So I talked to the Smosh guys for like 15 seconds.  They had never heard of HISHE, but I told them I love the Transformers Rap and that was about it.  After that, I noticed Rhett and Link so I said hey to Rhett (who is FREAKIN TALL!) because I am a superfan and he was totally cool, but I could tell he also didn't really feel like chatting so much to a stranger, so'z I bailed and that was about it before the show started.  Right before we took our seats, I saw Felicia Day and Guild entourage walk in, to which I fainted and had a dream where Codex asked me to move in with her, but when I  woke up and she was gone.  so sad. The show was pretty much uncomfortable throughout.  Paul Scheer did the best he could saving the audience, but it wasn't enough.  Awkward pauses, video cues missed over and again, NUDITY....  it was scattered and uncontrolled to say the least.  By the time they did the Lifetime Achievement award with the porn jokes I feel like the audience was done.  After that seats were emptying, people were talking, I was pretty shocked at how it was unfolding.  But that was all after we got our award. To Me, the show before we got the award and the show after we got the award are 2 separate entities. We got to go back stage and do the whole press bit, meanwhile the show is still going on to which we are totally blind.  So we were having a blast and feeling great, then went back to our seats to which had now become what most of you have already read about and or witnessed online...  *fast forward fast forward*  Felicia Day had a very tender speech and everyone was like "awww, remember when we were being civilized and nobody stripped and made reference to man parts tonight?  Let's be those people again."  So they did.And then we went to the after party where we chatted with Rhett and Link, Auto Tune The News, Agents of Cracked, iJustine, and a few more here and there.  They were all totally cool and I had a blast getting to mingle with them.   Everyone except Felicia.  it never happened.    She was there and gone so fast it was never going to happen... so sad.And then we went home.  That's the gist of it all.  I'm extremely tired now, and possibly sick.  so I should be in bed.   see ya. 

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Also thank you all for the congratulations.  Thanking the fans specifically was one thing in particular I was pissed at myself for not saying on stage.  You guys are the best and encourage me daily.

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If it makes you feel any better, only one or two of us (not me) was able to actually see the award show since the stream was so terrible. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it online somewhere.

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Congrats on the steamy Caps  (lock? ah forgive the lame pun) Though after reading through the Nominee list, you shouldnt have been surprised about the nudity though...  

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Do you think that some of the other norminees at the steamys might be a little steamed that they didn't win (forgive the much lamer pun)

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It's actually spelled "stReamy"

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I'm with Daniel - You are all the greatest and we are so appreciative of the support!  It was a whirlwind and so exciting.The coolest celebrity moment for me happened right after we won.  We were snacking backstage before going back to the show when someone came up behind me, grabbed my arm and said "congratulations."  I made eye contact and said thank you, but it wasn't until he was walking away that I realized it was Tony Hale!  I'm a pretty huge fan of Arrested Development and I absolutely adore Mr. Hale as an actor.  When I realized it he was already 20 feet from me and I just spontaneously hollered, "your awesome!" like a complete idiot.  I'm pretty certain he didn't hear me, but the PR team that was with us cracked up at me.The second cool moment is even more obscure, but if you are a fan of Freaks and Geeks, you'll think it's as cool as I did.  At the after party in line for a drink I was chatting with Samm, when I realized who he was.  He was awesomely nice.  Man I wish that show hadn't gotten canceled.I am sad I didn't meet Felicia Day or Kim Evie.  I have incredible respect for both of them.  Someday!

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SAMM! I'm SO jealous! That is awesome! And I think Felicia Day is totally adorable. So glad she classed up the evening. :)

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Thanks for relating your experiences and the behind-the-scenes scoop! I'm glad you guys had such a blast.There are some really interesting comments about the bizarre turn(s) the awards show took at Tubefilter and Newteevee.Once again, Congratulations to everyone at HISHE - Daniel, Tina, Steph, Bryan and Tommy - your vision and hard work have been recognized and acknowledged by your peers, and you have certainly earned it!

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Congrats on the amazing and well-deserved win! I know we've already chatted about it elsewhere, but I'm only just now catching up with your blow-by-blow descriptions of the evening, and that just makes it all so much cooler. It's great that you ran into so many people you admire, but sorry to hear you missed out on your dream of meeting Felicia -- I'm sure your paths will cross again when you're back at the Streamys next year. :)