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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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This short did NOT just about kill me, like those of the past.  :) no no, it was Comic-Con that took that responsibiltiy.  What to tell about this cartoon.... Hmmm......  This short has been halfway completed for a long time.  I'm actually really glad to have finally seen it through.  Originally we planned on having a double feature when Terminator was in production way back when.  Sort of a kick off to what was at the time a long waiting period between our new releases, but then the Starz deal came along and everything changed.  So some of the Indy shots got completed, I had attempted certain audio segments, but it was never a finished short until this month.One thing really significant about this short is I did the voice of injured jones a LONG time ago.  And if you notice, my voice is WAY lower than it normally is.  This was not done with audio trickery.  It was the bi-product of going to a concert.  I don't remember where it was anymore, but it was a night of cheering, and the next morning I had the voice you hear in the short.  so basically, that voice probably cant' be duplicated again :) unless I prep with a rock awesome show of some kind.  (or we just move to a new voice... or we actually get Harrison Ford,  right)   Anyway, I'm really glad we got to keep the original audio of that portion, just because I like hearing myself speak with such a low voice.  ha.The credits are really short for this piece.  Me and Bryan.  That's all.  Bryan's Indiana Jones theme music is really good I think.  And his monkey attack music really made that scene 10 times better in my opinion.  So big thanks as always to Bryan for another good soundtrack.As for the script and why we chose the direction, well...  I think it's pretty obvious, but I'll leave it to anyone interested to post questions and comments below.  We knew the "it was all a dream" skit was going to come along sooner or later, so putting with Indiana Jones seemed appropriate.  Hope you guys liked it. 


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 Excellent work.  Loved the little Lucas bit at the end.  That guy..   And because I never get to do this: Kiddo was in the hat.. labelled.. and not hidden, which is what it takes for me to be able to spot him because I'm unobservant. 

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This one was a bit weird for me, even you realise the "It was all a dream" thing wasn't the most creative, but this one could have been much better. The only part that really stood out for me was the George Lucas bits, otherwise I don't think Indiana in bed describing the whole movie was that funny.I know the style of HISHE and I can think of some better things you should have done with this, like the ending alien scene. Basically, I wasn't really that impressed....and I still don't quite understand the prarie dog thing at the begin.

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...and I still don't quite understand the prarie dog thing at the begin.That was a Jar-Jar Binks reference, that "meesa" thing he annoyingly did.

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I liked the short (nice animation of the nuclear blast!) particularly about Lucas and Spielberg holding large gobs of cash.  One thing I would've added would have been "AAAA!  Why did I think a refrigerator would protect me from a nuclear explosion!?  AAAA!"  But I admit, maybe that would have been too obvious. :-)Also liked the three endings; a nice way to freshen it up after having only two endings for a while, but I wouldn't get carried away...* thinks of how the two bladed razor became three blades, then four, then five... *

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MIND BULLETS!! Dident think it was extremly funny, but I did like it :) And I realy liked the Kido hat!

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My favorite parts wa the refigerator joke, where Indy comes all injured. And the ending with spielberg and lucas. I didn't quite understood the moles at the beginning, but even so great job!!!!!!!.By the way thanks for the comic con vids. That was cool never got a chance to see a comic con myself.  

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Blade runner 2: Revenge of the replacements. Nice.Lucas eating money is sooo spot on. Also the music for this short was fantastic, congratz Brian. But wasn't their a extended scene you tweeted about? or was that in the short? 

Not your best, but another solidly funny short!Seriously though, Steven Spielberg's hand-posture and Lucas-eating-money was the best part for me...Awesome.

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I was really  looking foward to this short and it is finally here!!! I really think that the movie should have ended that way because the movies real ending was just, so, UUUHHHH... But I really liked this short espacially the paart with George Lucas at the end. Keep up the good work!

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I was really  looking foward to this short and it is finally here!!! I really think that the movie should have ended that way because the movies real ending was just, so, UUUHHHH... But I really liked this short espacially the paart with George Lucas at the end. Keep up the good work!

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I thought it was great."Release the Kraken"

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That was a creative change-up to your usual HISHE style - I'm not so much thinking of the "it was all a dream" aspect, more breaking down the fourth wall and poking fun at the creators.The Jar-Jar prairie dogs were a funny touch. And was it just me, or when Indiana approaches the frig, did it seem just like playing a (probably older) video game when you couldn't get the character right where he was supposed to be in order to do some critical action? ... No? Just me?

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I totally felt that way about Indiana and the video game reference.  Probably because I'm terrible at video games and I always feel like my characters are doing that. :)I agree with your assessment as well...its not so much "it was all a dream."  Mostly because, well, it wasn't, and that's kind of the joke.  It should have been!!  Yes it was different (and we're kind of taking a beating for it on youtube), but oh well, we wanted to try something different.  And ultimately to me, the cartoon points out that the HISHE is the fridge scene.  Come on.  That's where this movie ends for me.Thank you for the support everyone.  It means a lot to us that you come to the site and comment.  Believe me when I say, we take all your comments seriously and try our best to make you laugh each month. :)

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Just popped in and saw it was up. Too funny! I liked the way the "camera" zoomed in on Indy during it, btw. Definitely gets at the fridge HISHE, too. Thanks for including it in the bonus content.

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I didn't see the movie so the short really didn't stand out to me. However, you got the whole George Lucas/Steven Spielberg thing right on. I see a lot of people parodying it, but you seemed to get it right.You do raise a valid point though, what good would a fridge really do in the case of a nuclear strike?

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That extended scene was hilariously painful or painfully hillarious. I forget.

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So true....And did anyone else notice that the prarie dogs acted like jawas?and one question Daniel (or whoever can answer it...I dont care) was that Shia in the middle of Speilberg and Lucas?

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Shia was in the middle of Lucas and Speilberg. Shia played Mutt Williams/Henry Jones 3rd in the movie.

I loved how george lucas was eating a bowl of money in the hospital and at the conference lmao, though the movie was the worst of the four I still liked it but I think it should have ended your way. Great Job guys

You did a great job with the characters, and the prarie dog's voice was just halarious! I have to admit, it's not your BEST but it's still funny. My opinion. :-) " Hurly, you're the best. Can I just . . . hug you?" " . . . Dude "

Oh my gosh! that goes directly with what the people that made the show think! Henry Ford, Shia, Steven, and especialy Lucas. Curse him for combining Indiana Jones with Star Wars! Thats all he can wrap his mind around now!

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I LOVED this short. Its hands down one of it not THE FUNNIEST one yall have turned out yet=) I think i have watched it like 10 times now not to say how many times i have shown it to my friends lol I thought it was great when they plugged in the star wars Jawas for the prarie dogs lol FANTASTIC work=)~Ninja~Panda~  

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One of your best ones! I absolutly loved it, guys. - Froggy

well, i had heard about how bad indy 4 was so when i saw i thought it was pretty good considering how bad i thought it would be. however, mr. spielberg, if you do make a fifth one, make sure a) no aliens. b) no shia le barf. c) no nazis (world war II is over! you lost! deal with it)

I totally agree on the hishe version, because how did indiana jones survive the atomic bomb in the movie.