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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Rather than just spew out a bunch of talk about how tough this one was to settle on, I'll just say I absolutely loved making this short.  Because I did.  Finally getting to make the short everyone has been begging for was a joy as well as a wonderful stress filled fearful challenge. We wanted to make the Batman short several things.  We wanted it to be good (duh) We wanted it to fit in with our other super hero style shorts, and mostly we wanted the cafe to be Superman and Batman only.  The first time we did the cafe scene was with our Superman short, and I wanted Batman to have his own spotlight in return.  So if you are wondering why Ironman or Spiderman aren't around, it's because we didn't want it to be about them.  (but that doesn't mean they are gone forever ;)As for the story, since The Dark Knight is one of if not the most perfect super hero script ever written (if you don't take into account how convenient it is that nobody ever shoots batman in the face) and since we weren't going to have our story end with batman getting shot in the face, there is very little that could be done differently (without force feeding it to you) in terms of plot that wouldn't just cause a chain reaction of explination.  If you catch the joker at the party before Rachel is tossed out the window, then nobody dies, two face never happens, everyone's happy, and Bruce, Harvey, and Rachel have some weird love triangle battle... but that's not funny or satisfying to watch.   If you Don't change any of that and try to change something else later in the film it's just not that relevant because the joker's already in full swing and you can't stop his plan of chaos... So we took a poll, asked around, looked at the forum discussions, and the reoccurring topic was the bat pod.  So therefore, Whamo, Batman hits the Joker.Batman maybe can't kill someone, but he sure doesn't mind beating the snot out of evil doers, so why wouldn't severely hospitalizing someone along the way fall into that category?   Absolutely, Batman would say "I'll give you something think about, while you are trying to regain the use of your arms and legs in Gotham General"   I mean, HE TOSSED A DUDE OFF A ROOF just to break his legs!   Batman totally pushes his rule boundary when he wants to.  "I wont kill you, but I don't have to save you."  are you kidding?  I wont kill you, i'll just NOT help you live as this train does the killing for me... dirty pool batman.Anyway!  So that's how it came to be.  Hope you enjoy it.  This one was a personal important short to complete. --Credits--Written By: Tina Alexander and Daniel BaxterVoices By: Daniel Baxter and Stephanie Fisher (Rachel)Music By: Bryan English


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Kiddo cab!The short is too awesome for words, I'll just say I'm still laughing at the "It makes no sense, I should be like igalaphasasanthathaaaaa"!

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I totally know that bugged everyone.  It works in a comic book but on film?  not so much.

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Yes, it is unrealistic - but of it's necessary. TwoFace looks more or less like that in the comics, and it was either go for a less faithful-to-comics but more realistic mouth or having a major character deliver memorable lines in an incomprehensible way. Lesser of two evils, I say...

if you listen closely to what he says, you hear " i only got half a faaaaaace."

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Dude.  I've been following your site for long time, almost since its inception.  ha.  You've had awesome and good but never terrible videos.  But dude....this is the BEST one I've have seen.  I laughed so hard that I stopped making any sounds when Batman just hit the joker and said of course I hit him but I didn't kill him.  I love The Dark Knight and yet you did a fantastic job touching on its flaws.  Brilliant.  SImply brilliant.

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Oh and by the way I shamelessly promote you site to all my friends.  Particularly, Inception, Terminator, Twilight, A New Hope and Predator.

We can haz zombie comic naow??Pleaze? Think about childrenz!

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Zombie comic! been waiting so long for a new one!Yez, teh childrenz!

please please more zombie comic. also more coffee breaks with Superman and Batman, they're my fav!

ness's picture

Funniest hishe yet! This was really hilarious you guys. Totally lived up to expectations, 3 thumbs up :)

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I know I've not been around much (So much in fact I'm still trying to get used to this new format, hehehe) but this short was awesome!!!! So awesome I could see me and Daniel arguing on who's better. Me for Batman and Daniel for Superman. I'ma wear my batman cape I got in Six Flags! :D

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one of the best!!! I was cracking up from beginning to end. I love it!!!!.

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Crazy squirrel in the "wood"Totally awesome!  Couldn't stop laughing or watching it.  My friends got really bored of me quoting it all the time that they finally just stopped listening to me.  It's amazing!  (favorite part was the "are you gargling marbles because I can barely understand what your saying - asodifusodalsdkj!!!!"  lol  great job!)   True Grit was amazing!  Dear Easter Bunny, I want you to put that movie in my Easter Basket!  lol

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 I know people have said it before, but I would watch an entire television series of nothing but your Batman and Superman in the cafe chatting scenes.Awesome as usual.  Twitter 

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My absolute favourite so far cuz of,welll..... EVERYTHING!'it makes no sense! I should be like ujsnfkownufrwonfwa!' XDThank You sooooooooooo much!!!!!!Roses are red,Violets are blue, Optimus Prime is awesome,this poem doesn't rhyme, NOW GIVE ME YOUR FACE!

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This short Kicks Ass! I especially loved how you drew all the old batman villains. That short was just plain awesome. 

Dude, this was hilarious, how it just cuts from batman hitting the joker to "whamo". This is easily one of your best shorts ever!

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Your takin it easy on the movie how bout when he uses rope to get a diesel to do a front flip? An awesome movie to be sure but cmon.

nitecraller's picture

I'm pretty sure it wasn't just looked like military grade zip line. Which..while i still wish the Mythbusters would test this scene...i believe to be pretty possible.

animal's picture

Daniel, you lived up to my many, many expectations! Again, you went back to the "old" HISHE style (which I am a fan of) and made a short with plenty of memorable lines and an alternative ending. Great job all around!

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I've heard some people saying that District 9 is next... is this true?? I really hope it is because District 9 was a fantastic movie and I'd really love you see your take on it.Please lemme know!!<3

Finally! I've been waiting for batman, I liked this one, made me laugh more than spiderman and superman lolthe beggining cracked me up alot lol

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Great stuff... i agree batman should have hit joker.  and two face should have gotten bigger part.I loved the ending of this video.... it is the best part.but what do you have against the penguin?  he was a great villain.  devito is born for that role!did you not like batman returns?? I liked batman returns ALOT better then Batman (1989).  jack N is good joker but kim basinger destroies the whole move for me. she seem like a character out of the world of DICK TRACY. batman 1 and 2 are better then Joel Schumackers movies of course; those two movies are more for kids.Micheal Keaton is bad ass as batman. to bad he quit. Why did you not have poison ivy INSTEAD of penguin? it had been a better fit!My point: i loved this video, just a little disapointed that penguin was one of the villains at the table next to bats and superman.Does this mean, you guys did not like batman returns??   thanks again for great video! i love this "superman/batman at a cafe talking"more of this please     

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Have I ever mentioned how awesome you guys are? Well I'm going to again anyway...I love the cafe as usual, but It's so much greater because anyone whos watched you guys since the Starz partnership won't understand just how awesome it is from the very first Superman HISHE all the way to this one, and you're  super lucky to have a recurring joke like that, it now defines HISHE, and not in the way it's the only you thing you'd be remembered as, but now if you ever see a coffee shop in any movie or TV show the first thing your going to think is How it Should Have Ended!Also I liked this one way better than the Top Gun and Aliens (Both good) but this one is the original HISHE to me, since the first time I saw the Spiderman 3 one and on to Transformers, I think it's the best theme for any of the videos.The best word to define this short = CLASSIC!

Hilarious. The part I liked the most was at the cafee at the end when Batman interrupts Superman. Pure gold.

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The Dark Knight HISHE is arguably the BEST short to date. It is an instant classic. I loved every part of it and it had such great animation that has come a long way since the original Superman short. Keep up the incredible work Daniel."BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!"Pure gold!

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HISHE Maker, You have gotten your groove back!!!

This was probally one of the funniest HISHE videos I've seen in a long time! Keep up the good work! My favorite part was when Batman hit the Joker! I just burst out laughing!

I just wanna say I'm a huge fan of all of your guys videos, especially any of the superhero ones.  Having various superheroes just hangin out over a cup of coffee.  I just want to say how much I enjoy all the work you guys do.  And say that I'd love to see more with the superhero cafe.  Thanks again for all the enjoyment.

Jake's picture

Well friends, you've done it again. FAN-tastic job on this one. I laughed all the way through. You captured aspects of the film and characters perfectly, and the editing and voices were spot on. I agree with Ronin and Animal - the cafe scene is defining for HISHE, and I would gladly watch an entire series of that story swapping style.This was such a strong short - what a pleasure to come back for it. Keep up the good work, Team HISHE!P.S. Great to see Babbz, Ronin, Animal (Ness, you also seem like a veteran to me at this point!) still kicking around...