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X-Men: First Class is a great film and definitely a must see for fans of the series.  I give it 4 out of 5. FULL REVIEW


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   I liked the movie but was a little confused. In X3, the movie starts with Professor X and Magneto meeting Jean Grey for the first time in the 1980's, this is what is confusing. In First Class, it ends with him paralyzed in the 60's. Did he start standing again then went back to being paralyzed. He is somehow standing in X3 and X-men Origins: Wolverine, but he's bald. In First Class, He's paralyzed but he is not bald.

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I am blanking on the scene from X3 (but I'll take your word for it), but I totally remember the scene you're referring to in Wolverine.  That is inconsistent and confusing!  I hate it when movies do stuff like that, because the whole thing is much better if all the movies work together, rather than having to think about First Class as some sort of re-telling separate from the others.  That makes it lose a lot of value for me.Anyone out there read the X-Men comics?  When is he paralyzed in the comic book?

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So I checked Wikipedia (I know, it could be incorrect), and it seems that Professor X does actually fluctuate between being paralyzed, getting healed, and then getting paralyzed again.  Nothing I read was like it happens in the movie though, so there's definitely been some reinventing, although that's nothing new right? :) It does seem however that it is a theme in the comic books that sometimes he can walk and sometimes he can't, although he is primarily in a wheelchair.

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Actually, its not really a prequel. I was a bit confused my self at the major continuety errors in the movie but when checked imdb, it said that the movie was more of a reboot than a prequel so it must not follow the same timeline as the other movies. This would explain the whole walking in X3 but not at the end of this. It must also be noted that(Spoiler begins here) in Origins, Xavier was walking fine. I think this movie was a support for the new wolverine reboot that is in production.hamzak signing out :)

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Well it would be like the Alternate Star Trek but has nothing to do with the original Star Trek, so this X-Men has nothing to do with the original X-Men movies, let's see what it will become off in the years to come. 

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I'd just say that I'm happy they didn't recast Wolverine. No matter how bad Origins: Wolverine is/was, he is a great Wolverine in it...Also: How does Origins Wolverine fit? Which continuity does it attach to, the prequel or the originals?  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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The origin movie is a prequel which is in the same continuity as the other movies. First class is the only reboot so far.hamzak signing out :)

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csim12 That was really Confusing in first class- How he gets paralysed   I just pretend that beast made him new mechanical legs that allow him to move. The director should consider the problem when making the follow up. P.S. I wish that Darwin could have survived cos I really wanted to see him fight

I noticed that too.  There were a lot of flaws but I think First Class has a much better explaination for his paralysis, so I just ignore the flaws and go with the first class storyline. ____________________________________________'Cause I'm Batman!

Such promise, in our humble opinion, but an unfortunate late-game gear-shift all but ruined it for our reviewer.

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Ok, I really like the xmen orgins, but i've been told that this film is suppose to be way better. I like to know from a few different preseptives if I should go see it or not.Cybre-Lee"I am here to save your world, not just their's. I have come..."

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Well I guess if you want our oppinions too: Here's my summarized.You know how the other x-men movies were focused on the civil war of mutants and on a lot of action? Well this movie is rather about the 'why' behind the civil war. It has a lot of action, don't get me wrong but what makes it different is that it really sets up the situation that first three movies just dropped you into. It explains where xavier and magneto and all the other 'old mutants' come from, why are they on the side they are, etc. So what I say is: If you liked Wolverine (as did I btw, Wolverine was awesome in it and that is all they promised to us in the trailer. Mission Accomplished.) and don't mind that the action scenes have a lot of lore packed between. Then I think you'll like it.  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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I thought that Xmen and X2 were awesome but X men 3 was slightly disappointing and Origins, even more so. The only shining points of that movie for me were Hugh and Liev's Performances. First class is a fun summer movie :) The two lead performances were awesome as the actors truly captured the personalities of Xavier and Lansher. The action was wicked! Coupled with some great visuals and the plot wasn't crappy like origins. Unlike origins, character development did not destroy the characters and the humor was great. SPOILER ALERT!!!! Wolverine's cameo made me and my friends laugh our butts off XD It's no dark Knight but it is wayyy better than the other X men movies so overall, its a well made fun summer action movie that you should check out. But thats just my verdict :)hamzak signing out :)

I am a huge xmen fan and i just recently got to see xmen 1st class. I didn't catch the walking and paralyzed thing though. Good eye. but since it does say the comics he switches between the two. and maybe in X3 charles and erik got together to meet jean because they knew she would be powerful. almost as if they were competing for her...............I liked first class. i liked learning about other characters that i didn't know of before. like Riptide, Azazel etc.........i think january did a great job as Emma Stone. I didn't like her diamond form though. i preferred Origins emma stone's diamond form. it looked more realistic. Kevin Bacon was a good Sebastian Shaw. I hated that Darwin died so early in the movie i wanted to see what else he could was really weird how Raven just left charles like that. they grew up together. and he jus got shot in the back. why leave him. idk but it was good. Hugh's Cameo was funny....................did anyone else notice young Storm in the movie?