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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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People have said for years, "Do a series with Superman and Batman." so here's a little episode to maybe start filling in that request. Please enjoy Super Cafe


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You need to do another one! Pherhaps do some guest people like Spider-man, or something. BTW do you read comics? Because it would be cool to do some that just talked about what's happening in their books, like Superman and Batman's thought's on the New 52 etc.
Anyway Awesome video! Can't wait for more!

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Well... they are too cool to talk to spiderman! And I like that idea with the comic books! I would love to see Batman explaining what happened to Jason Todd and Barbra Gordon! Good idea!!

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It was awesome, and hystarical, like all of your shorts. PLZ MAKE ANOTHER ONE ASAP!! :D

that green lantern movie was just sssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is that a hint for the next Superhero hishe

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what a humiliation from Batman to Green Lantern....make a good movie....awesome :D

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I really wanna see more of this!!! I was AWESOME, indeed, I laughed out loud. Maybe some guest stars like Spider-Man or Hulk, or movie heroes that weren't featured in Hishe would be awesome, or even Indiana Jones, he is one of my favourite Hishe characters!

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Someone needed to tell Superman to stop braging at what he can do and what we can't do! If I was the villian that is my picture I would've totally done the pencil trick on him!

I love these guys - please, please do more of these clips Superman and Batman make the best pair up and as far as I'm concerned you could have them commenting on every HISHE clip and I'd be the happiest person ever. 
Keep up the great work!

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Haha burrrrrrrn at the end.  I won't give away the ending like other people did (out of principle, since it's too late now), but I will say that I thought the movie wasn't really bad at all.  Maybe it's because I really like the actor.

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I totally loved that diss as well!

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I didn't know about that short, it's a good thing I browsed the videos section. Next time talk about it in the newsletter please, it was awesome!

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Alright so this is my idea. That phone inspired me for this idea. So Batman Superman and the new goblin (from spider-man) are arguing over which is better, an I pad or the new goblin's hover board with an I pad duct taped to it. you might guess the ending i had in mind
so basicly in the end the new goblin crashes out the windo and into everything in sight in the background because the Ipad made the board off balance.

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Man that would be awesome,I would want my own (Queue music) BATPHONE!
And Nice touch with the Iron Man thing!

Love the  "super" banter:)  Fantastic as always!

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It's amazing how you can keep the "I'm Batman" jokes to be funny, I was laughing all the way through :)

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How come you never mention the batmobile?

Why don't the hishe cast make a cartoon of the walking dead series since the 3rd season is coming out soon?

because i'm batman

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I cannot get enough of Super Cafe!!
That is all.

Brilliant! Hats off to commentary on trailers, superman films, directoral credits and the rib to the batman fanboys with the "throw you into the sun" remark! One of the best yet! 
I'd really love to see you do a super cafe in response to the Superman vs. Goku deathbattle the guys over at Screwattack are planning to release soon. Pretty please!

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You know I just saw the video where Green Lantern appears. It will be great to have everone of the justice league in one video. Maybe in the space ship or something. 

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I think batman is the funniest character in hishe

Hey Daniel & HISHE, Thanks for another SuperCafe gem..."Because I'm Batman", man this sh*t never gets old.
Here's a (free) idea for another installment:
In Super Cafe, Supes asks Bats "Do you ever want to meet somewhere else for coffee?" Bats replies "Maybe...what do you have in mind?"  Next scene: 1) Fortress of Solitude: Bats is wearing a hooded parka looking cold and unhappy, Supes says "what's wrong?" without being asked Supes heat visions Bats' coffee.  Next scene 2) Batcave: the heroes are sitting in the damp dark cavern when a colony of bats fly by, "plop", Supes frowns said "I think something just dropped in my coffee", Bats replies, "Oh, that happens all the time. Just wait a minute..." Bats presses the intercom "Alfred, two more coffees." Next scene 3) Watchtower: Supes says "Okay maybe neutral ground is the answer".  Suddenly Martian Manhunter phases from the floor, floats up through the table says "Greetings" and phases out through the ceiling.  Supes and Bats are silent.  Then Green Lantern walks in "hey guys can I join you now?"  Bats ignores GL says to Supes, "On second thought..." Next scene 4) (back to) Super Cafe, Supes relents "Well i guess this is as good a place as any to meet."  Bats is irritated "Yeah, lets not do THAT again." SILENCE.  After an uncomfortable amount of silence... Supes quickly gets up and says "well gotta go and save the day now." Supes leaves and flies off.  Bats is sitting by himself, when he can't stand the silence anymore he utters "YEAH WELL...I'M BATMAN!"

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Hi HISE me and my buddy are huge Super Cafe fans had a great idea for a sketch is there anyway we can send it to you directly not on the forum would love to see it made im laughing allready :D

You guys  should try and make a Super Villan Cafe 

hey Daniel, because im Batman

HEy Hishe you guys should make how green lantern should have ended