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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite films of all time. It was hard to come up with a tasteful way to poke fun, so instead we just made fun of Tom Hanks.


I'm sorry that this is my first comment but Tom Hanks was not the voice of Buzz Lightyear. That was Tim Allen. Tom Hanks did Woody.

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I never said he was the voice of buzz lightyear.

but if this cartoon needs to be explained (since you're not the first person to mis-interpret this short) here goes. This cartoon is purely my first attempt at mixing hand, eyebrows, and lip movement all together. I don't claim that it's awesome. I don't even claim it's funny. In fact out of all of the shorts, i'd say it's my least favorite. BUT, i don't claim to be mis-informed on the characters.

Buzz Lightyear purely represents the movie "toy story" as ANOTHER film tom hanks was in because Tom Hanks has been in practically everything. I know Hanks was Woody. I know woody was the cowboy.

Buzz is in the short because he was woody's friend. Woody being Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks being Forrest Gump. Therefore, Buzz Lightyear comes to Forrest's aid because he's got Tom Hanks' back. That's it.

Also, i'd like to take this time to say that this short is not making fun of WWII either. I've seen people say that the short is disrespectful to the people that fought and died for our country. How they get that from this cartoon blows my mind, but i imagine it's because the don't even register the forrest gump cross-over. Either way, this short is not a shot at anything of that nature.

Saving Private Ryan is what i consider one of the greatest films ever created, thats why we couldn't make fun of it and chose Tom Hanks instead, and thats why it says "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN RULES" under the logo at the very end.

thought this was a fun little way to include one of my fav films into your repetoir. I mean your right there really isn't a way to poke fun

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sorry, i've been sick and crabby lately. Didn't mean to sound jerky.

when I first watched it, it took me a bit to realize that he was rattling off other roles Tom Hanks had played. Bravo. Once I caught that I got a great laugh at it.

I loved it. So cool how it looks like he was just picking random rolls out of his mind and each one was right.

Yeah, the guy at the end isn't the captain, he is the pvt and so isn't even supposed to be Tom Hanks, for someone who loves the film so much didn't spend very long watching it. If you are going to make an ending to a film at least understand the film first.

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Why even take the time to post something like that Carlos? A ton of time, money and sweat go into these cartoons, and you're just being hateful.

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Carlos, it's not how it did end. The website is called HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED! If you are going to make a post, at least understand the website first. All endings are subject to the genious creativity of The Crew. We don't actually care how the movies actually ended, and we do not claim to be historically accurate. We only claim to be histarically accurate.

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I say you guys delete everything from Carlos down. No one will know it happened. It's like doing a rewrite! Basically, delete everything from him to this post and then we'll hop on and add some more comments to this one.

Let the cover-up begin! :D

Besides, gil is right, his post doesn't insult HISHE. It defines exactly what he is doing in the post itself. Hypocrisy is a funny thing....

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I didn't know someone could tell how well i knew Saving Private Ryan by watching a cartoon that is barely about Saving Private Ryan in the first place.

But if you are talking about the VERY VERY VERY end of SPR. The scene AFTER tom hanks dies and it's revealed that Matt Damon is the old man from the begining of the film, standing in the memorial yard looking at the grave stone, then yes Tom Hanks is not the private. He never was. Because Tom Hanks is Captain Miller. the guy sent to find PRIVATE Ryan... Matt Damon. But since the point was to cross over into a forest gump spin, then into a Tom Hanks Roast, it wouldn't make any sense to even go that far into the actual end of SPR.

So basically, we never said he was the private, so... I don't know what your problem is. If i need to include a disclaimer at the begining of the cartoon pointing out which character is which I can, but i'd rather people just drop it and maybe think it's you who doesn't get it instead of us.

also, Welcome to the forum

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I miss MST3K. I can hear the theme now...

"...Then repeat to yourself it's just a show I should really just relax..."

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yeah, i kind of went off a little there. sorry. It's been a rough month and this subject is such a short fuse with me.

Don't give in to internet anger! It's poison.

lols internets, if you really want to get back at me by removing my whole 1 post count (2posts with this one) then go for it.
I stand corrected, hence the join date how could i know the endings weren't supposed to be based on the films themselves around here?

I took the time to post this, because i can....because i can.

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citizenbuck wrote:

I miss MST3K. I can hear the theme now...

Me too.... them were the days. ((Hehehe I have warewolf credits onmy ipod, where the three sing.)) That was such a great show...

I have a quest now... to look for MST3K!!!!

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ZOMG!! BUCK!!! LOOKIE LOOKIE!!! -points to links-

I know i know, ya all love me! Hahahah!!!

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Wow! They've got Space Travellers!

There goes my productivity for the week.

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Hehehe you're welcome! ;-D

 I cannot lie, I actually got tired watching this one it was so boring! I get what was meant with poking fun at Tom Hanks' different movie roles, but it really wasn't funny at all. I'm sorry, but this HISHE was a disappointment. Please don't take this too seriously.