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Over all, I'm not at all upset that I paid to see this movie twice. I think it's an absolutely wonderful family film. It's completely different than all of the rest, but still feels very familiar. And with the the passage of time taking place in this movie, I'm very anxious to see if they keep producing more Jones pictures since they seem to hint to passing the torch with Shia LaBeouf. I give it a 4 out of 5


I actually now think you took the Crystal Skull and read my mind with it. Reading your review was like hearing my own review to my friends over(and over) again. All I can assume now is that my dream to be the next Daniel Baxter is coming true.

Your Friend,

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I saw it, I enjoyed it as a movie... and I thought to myself half way through the movie, when it got to the jungle car chase sequence... Just stop analyzing the plot and just enjoy the damn movie! I found it hard... but, it was still an enjoyable film to see...

I really didn't buy the rekindling of the relationship with Indy and Marion... it just seemed Marion lacked the spark she had in Raiders... I really would of enjoyed seeing Blanchette and Allen duke it out in just one scene... and LeBouf was definitely on par with this movie... though the passing of the fedora (so to speak) at the end was kinda lame... hokey is a better word to describe it...

Now onto the green screen usage Daniel talked about (weird, referring to Daniel when that's my name as well)... it really was overdone... and after the movie I felt there was only three scenes in the film that weren't green screen, set on a sound stage, or just 100% CG.... it disappointed me and I think Spielberg shoulda just smacked Lucas in the face and said, "No! I'm not putting ****ing CGI prairie dogs in my film dammit!!!!"

Neil Flynn.... that's all I have to say there...

The acting was the best it could've been and the dealing with Connery's absence was acceptable... overall it wasn't a bad movie... not a great Indy movie... but, a respectable movie by itself...

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I finally saw it last night and I was really happy with it. I thought it was a very fun film, and I agree with Daniel on almost all of his points. There were some very artificial scenes, but in my memory of Indiana Jones, it seems like there has always been a "studio" quality to some of the sets. Maybe not, Raiders...its admittably been at least 15 years since I've seen it.
I loved all the nods to the old movies, especially the shot of the Ark in a box in the warehouse. Very cool.
I actually thought the Russians made a great enemy. Its seemed fluid to move to them from the Nazi's since Americans did go "red crazy" during that time period. They were scary back then and a huge threat, so I felt like it worked. I couldn't agree more though with the ridiculousness in how they moved through America.

Speaking of ridiculousness, my brother's girlfriend hated the movie. Which makes me wonder if the late teen generation can enjoy this movie if they are unfamiliar with the Indiana series. My brother liked it, but when he was about 10 I made him fall in love with the Indiana Jones movies. There is definitely a level of hoaky and unrealisticness that comes with an Indiana movie. The good guys never get hurt and find amazing ways out of situations (swinging like a monkey? really?). It really frustrated her and helped me realize that I really do give a pass to some things that I would never let fly in another movie.


I hated the alien stuff. That section of Daniel's review was exactly how I felt. The ending to me just didn't work...the way that Blanchett's character went, the whole thing. There was no suspense, and it was kind of like the build up was a let down. It wasn't enough to ruin the movie, but it was a little disappointing.

The Mutt character being Indiana's son was pretty obvious from the beginning, but still sweet. I thought they made a great team and he was a really good addition. As much as I love Shia though, I don't think he can pull off the Indiana series without Harrison Ford. I personally think this should be the end of it and we as the audience know that the torch has passed for the characters, but it doesn't need to come to the big screen.

Anyway, I liked it a lot and would probably give it 4 stars as well. Great review Daniel! :)

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Mark called the CG prairie dogs "Jar Jar Dogs." HA! Stupid Lucas!

Well, I gotta say, I was disappointed.

I never wanted it to be serious - - I mean, it IS an Indiana Jones movie - - but I wish that it took itself a bit more seriously.

I guess I could believe Indiana Jones going through all of the crazy action in the other movies because it was often just him or him and one other person. But this time, he had a 50 year old woman with him, a crazy old dude clutching a crystal alien head, a fat guy and a teenager. And they all made it through really easily.

Unlike Bigman, I LOVED Last Crusade. I thought that it was a great welcome back after the long absence. So I thought it would be another Crusade - - but instead, it turned into an alien movie.

I liked the notion of Russians as villains, but they were not menacing at all.

The waterfall scene. Geez.

And the end. Ohhhhh, the end.

But all that being said, it was still fun and enjoyable and it was great to see Indiana Jones back. It just had a lot of expectations to live up to, and I don't think it really pulled it off, in my opinion.

I thought he was right that if you went to see this movie thinking it was going to be over the top it was a great movie.

Also I thought that Janitor as an FBI agent was awsome.

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killerswarm wrote:

Also I thought that Janitor as an FBI agent was awsome.

GhostMx10 wrote:

Neil Flynn.... that's all I have to say there...

I agree....

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Notes to self:
-When women learn too much, they burst into flames.
-So much bloom! Thez gogglez do nu-thing!

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i dont feel like seeing it can you tell me what happens?

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I pretty much agree with the entire review.The movie was everything I hoped it would be.But personally I don't feel its on par with Raiders or Crusade.

The Alien thing...was kind of iffy for me.I'm glad however the Skull wasn't supernatural.The main thing I disliked about Doom was the voodoo and spirit ism.But the fact that the main artifacts in Raiders and Crusade were Biblical artifacts were some of the main things I loved about them.(I still get goosebumps when Indy says the name of God in Crusade).

So i'm glad it didn't go where Doom went,but disappointed it didn't have the same feel as Raiders and Crusade.

I was very pleased with Shia's performance.I too was worried he would be a Short Round redux.I was very happy to see Indy's and Marion's relationship end the way it did.It was one of the main things I was very pleased to see.

Overall,I think it was a great film.It was very fun to watch.I look forward to seeing it again next week

I actually rushed over to to see what Daniel had to say. I've often enjoyed his reviews and share his humor, but wtf mate?

I don't want this to be long and preachy but I DID enjoy the movie, only after I manually jammed a straw up my nose to pierce the part of my brain that prevents logic and reason from being tainted. (And I?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ¥m sorry, but to enjoy a movie simply because of the director is just dumb, are you biased against good judgment?)

I LIKE INDIANA JONES... very much, I grew up watching them and crusade is my favorite. But isn't fantasy more fun if its based in reality? I mean, even star trek would follow REAL facts about space. For example, they still need some sort of force to push their space ships forward (but once they're going they keep moving), then require an equal amount of force to stop them. See what I?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ¥m saying?

Magnets: In the first 20min of the movie, this 'highly magnetic' crate is pulling gun powder around a giant warehouse. They follow the powder to its location. Ok? So if the magnet was strong enough to pull gun powder from such a distance, why weren't their guns, swords, belts and all other magnetic objects affected until they were in close proximity? This is a serious question I'd like explained to me. My first thoughts were that gun powder is of low density so the magnet might affect it differently, but still, if it could pull gun powder from such a distance... they would have felt it a lot sooner.

How it should have ended: Right after the nuke went off and Indy was hurled a quarter mile away... inside of a refrigerator. It should of popped open on impact and a broken bag of bloody mush should have fallen out. I take that back, I knew a man who survived a nuclear blast just like that... then again, he was killed when he stood WAY TO CLOSE TO GROUND ZERO admiring the cloud. I guess radiation didn't exist in the 50's.

The Russians should have shot SOMEONE! Even a camera man! It?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ¥s a mathematical probability!

I could seriously go on (accidently deleted about half of my complaints). I love Spielberg movies and Lucas movies (star wars fan hardcore). But this movie took away from what made Indiana Jones so cool to me... He was a bad ass in a real world.

There are countless inconsistencies, but honestly, I liked it more then my friends did.

I hear ya man. There were a lot of flaws but over all I really liked it. It was my 3 favorite. And I was surprised that the chicks death was not more gory. I was kinda disappointed.

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DmoteRanks, I agree with everything you have said. And all the points you bring up are exactly what we do whenever we watch movies :) "that would never happen! He should so be dead right now!" I feel like my review (if you can call it that) heads in your direction, but stops before the point of actually hating the movie.

I wish it could have been more realistic at times, but the answer to that is always "come on, it's Indiana Jones" so you never get to win that argument.

My main Main issue i've now decided is the biggest flaw of the film, is that you are never given a reason to think maybe we shouldn't be messing with the crystal skull. They never hint that it could be dangerous, they never give you a real excuse to not want the russians to have it (other than "knowledge") but it's never threatening.

All of the other things, like the magnetism, the nuclear blast, the tree branches to the crotch sword fighting, I can deal with. Just give me a reason to hope they win and the bad guys don't. Know what I mean?

So don't think that I think this movie is the best ever, because I don't. I just said it's a great family film. trust me, we are on the same page, DmoteRanks.

havent see the movie yet, but i heard from other reviews that it has too many ambientation mistakes, like saying pancho villa talks qechua, or saying that yucatan its even near from peru, thats a biiiig mistake, also the indians that live near the coast dresses alike the indians that live in the mountains, an azteca pyramid on peru, another mistake; i think that movie will make latinamericans (like me) really hate it because so much ignorance.

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Welcome DmoteRanks, I hope you stick around! I agree with you as well, but do have to make one comment. Although I think Crystal Skull definitely took it further than any other movie (it was too much), I don't think Indiana Jones movies have ever been based completely in reality.

I just watched Raiders and here's what I gathered about reality:

-Walk carefully across the ground to avoid sharp darts, but when the cave starts to collapse just run really fast...none of them will hit you.
-Marion Ravenwood, a seemingly petite woman, can take 10+ shots of liquor and then fight off villains as if she's had nothing to drink. REALLY!?
-If you fall into a pit of snakes, don't worry, no one will get a single bite.

There's more, but I agree that none of them are as bad as surviving a nuclear blast in a refrigerator. But really, I kind of like the "unbelievable" adventures of Indiana Jones. He's kind of super human to me. Like Buffs pointed out though (and I couldn't agree more), too many people survived everything completely unscathed in Crystal Skull. At least in Raiders Indiana actually did take a bullet. ;)

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I think the biggest problem was the lack of Nazis. But that's just me. :D

I have to say that I agree with Cap's review. The movie just didn't have the same Indy feel as the older ones. The CG was excessive, to say the least, and I found the whole alien thing over the top. DmoteRanks pointed out a bunch of problems in the movie which also bothered me (although the magnet thing didn't occur to me.) One of the only parts of the movie that I enjoyed were the subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints at Indy's aging and not being able to do what he could do in his younger days.

I'm not saying it was a bad movie. Far from it, in fact. I enjoyed it, and it was one of the better movies I've seen lately. But, you had to suspend your disbelief a bit to really get into it. Personally, I think it would have been a much better movie if it were made right after the original trilogy in the early 90's. That way, the sets would be real, and the CG would be a lot more minimal.

Little Red Death, you bring up some very good points and in hindsight, I was just worked up over being so disappointed. After I stopped criticizing the movie I enjoyed it. The humor was well placed and the action (though ridiculous) was freakin intense.

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Strum that Guitar wrote:

I actually now think you took the Crystal Skull and read my mind with it. Reading your review was like hearing my own review to my friends over(and over) again. All I can assume now is that my dream to be the next Daniel Baxter is coming true.

Your Friend,

I could'nt agree more Kyle! You guy's both read my mind!! :wink:

Greeds Shenandoah

Overall I agree with the review, save on one point. The whole "passing of the torch" moment...wasn't. The whole point of the fedora thing was that Indy took it back. It's an acknowledgement to the fan base that no one can be Harrison Ford. Shaia is alright, don't get me wrong, but he's not Indiana Jones material. He can't carry a film like that by himself at this point, and I would rather not see a "Mutt Jones And The Improbable Circumstance With Supernatural/Sci-Fi Overtones" film. Indy was an icon, and it's perfectly acceptable to let him ride off into the sunset without feeling compelled to replace him.

One of the other commentators mentioned that they were unsure if younger generations could enjoy this film. Not sure as to what defines "younger", but we took a couple of friends with us when we went to see it. One of them was a 17 year old, and they enjoyed it just fine. It gives me hope for the human race. 8)

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killerswarm wrote:

Also I thought that Janitor as an FBI agent was awsome.

That really was awesome. He plays a great 50s g-man. It'll forever change the way I see his approach to JD.

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I really enjoyed the new Indiana jones, but something was bothering me during the movie. The first 3 he was finding biblical items such as the ark of the covinent, than the holy grail. It was all true stuff from the bible, but then in the crystal skull, it starts talking about alien civilization. I dont know but I thought that was a little weird.

Ok first of all i rewatched Last Crusade and i like it lol.

What i don't get is that everyone hated this because of the aliens, i liked it because it Lucas and Speilberg didnt just do the same thing again.

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bigman47 wrote:

Lucas and Speilberg showed some balls

First of all I would of considerd that offensive material in the forum, But If you can get away with that, I have a really good Chuck Norris Joke.

So I'm not really dissapointed that there where aliens in it, because I thought it was really cool. I also liked the ending alot too.

Something did feel weird seems as if the alien leaves, everyone escapes and then there done, what about the aliens? Are they just going to go on with there lives as if they never encounterd these aliens?

Bliss wrote:

Something did feel weird seems as if the alien leaves, everyone escapes and then there done, what about the aliens? Are they just going to go on with there lives as if they never encounterd these aliens?

Shhhh...don't bring up things that can be resolved, or there might be a sequal.

Sorry bout that Bliss, i edited it out now :)

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I'm a little late to this party, but count me in the camp of "fun timez with some really groan-inducing moments." The CG groundhogs and monkeys were embarrassingly bad, in particular. The alien stuff was also a little silly, but I didn't mind the miraculous survival moments so much -- this IS Indiana Jones, after all. And, let's face it, it was great to have him back after all this time.

Of course, what does it say when a film inspires a whole new term to replace "jumping the shark?" I am referring, of course, to "nuking the fridge."


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Also, I did notice it seemed as if there where some action sequences that where small refrences to the first film.

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alexs wrote:

Of course, what does it say when a film inspires a whole new term to replace "jumping the shark?" I am referring, of course, to "nuking the fridge."


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I think this movies suffers from the same flaw that Live Free or Die Hard does...extending the film to fit in unecessary action/character moments for the "new hip young co-star".

The movie already has an established rythmn, so bringing the movie to a halt or diminishing the hero by making the young guy figure something out first just waters down the whole experience. Shia acting wasn't bad, it ws just excessive, it flt pressed. Swinging with the monkeys? Really?

Otherwise classic Indy...something is lost and some bad people are after it, so Indy has to find it first, he gets captured, he escapes, gets the girl, and figures out the ultra complicated meaning of the item which ironically kills the enemy in their thirst for power.

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Be sure to stock up on your "nuking the fridge" action figures:

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life likeness not included it seems.

I walked out of this film with my 10 and 7 year old cousins hanging their head down saying how bad the film was. Even they had the guts to say the movie was garbage. The CG was terrible, jumping into a refrigerator to save yourself from a nuke?! Oh cause there isn't any radiation after you open the fridge. What the hell! I was so mad this movie took my childhood and smashed it with a crowbar. What is this a quadrupole cross? come-on! lets keep trusting the guy thats constantly screwing us over. or how about lets take away all credit to the natives of south america that were incredibly intelligent in building these structures and say aliens did it. or how about the oh lets all be nice and PC and not have anyone get shot but its ok if they get eaten alive by CG ants or blown up by aliens. George Lucas and Spielberg jumped the shark a long time ago they need to quit being so concerned about offending people and just make the movies they used to. This movie was so stupid, space aliens do not belong in Indian Jones! Then the sets were awful, the ones that weren't CG, were obviously styrofoam and plaster. I do expect more from the guys that brought us Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and other visually stunning films. This film doesn't hold a candle to the previous films. You couldn't pay me to watch it again! I felt like I had been ripped off, and I hope they don't make another one, but I know they will cause they've gone crazy.