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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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So I'll just get to what I am guessing everyone is going to be asking. How did you get Stan Lee to be in this short? Did he come to your studio? Are you guys BFF's now? HOW!?!

I think I should start by saying, we are just as thrilled as you are. This is our first REAL celebrity cameo. So this is a big deal to us. And to make the cameo even better, it's not just any cameo... it's the cameo King STAN LEE! I hear he's done some things besides cameos in his life... probably should look into that. (i'm kidding, relax) But the story of how it all happened was really simple. When we were at comic con a few months ago we partook in the YouTube's Partner Panel where we sat next to and met Scott Nocas with the channel, Stan Lee's World of Heroes. Complete chance. We sat on the back row, he sat next to us, and we just started talking. And that's where it started. He was very kind and told us upfront that he knew Stan Lee has seen our shorts and that they very much enjoyed them. *faint* after that I don't remember much of the conversation because I was too much on cloud 9. Luckily Tina was there to be more professional than me. So we (i mean she) kept in touch with them, and before I know it we've got a chance to do a cross promotion gig for their channel. "We have to write a script for Stan Lee, Daniel, because they want to have a cameo" Tina says. *double faint* Thank God we had Spiderman on the horizon. The timing on this could not have been more perfect. Looking back at our Let's Make a HISHE video to the fans, I had my horrible Stan Lee impression pop up and say "Let's Make a Cartoon Together!" I had no idea how much that little moment would turn into a reality. After I composed myself and got used to the idea that Stan Lee was now going to perform something we designed, we wrote the library scenario with the avengers. There were two reasons why we chose that scene. 1. The library cameo in Spider-Man is hilarious enough, so we didn't want to change it. and 2. We had several fan requests to have Stan Lee enter the library and discover the damage. Now that Stan Lee was a go, this scene was pretty much priority.

So what happened next? Well, standard production really. Otis was painting his beautiful backgrounds. I was making character art. The usual stuff. And then a few days later Tina sends me an e-mail with an attachment "Stan Lee Audio" *triple.... faint...." Now it was real. Before it was just a cool story with us so excited about just the idea of having him in a cartoon. Now we had the audio, now it's real and this cartoon just leveled up in a massive way. And that's really the whole story! we just sat by the right person at the right time, plain and simple. No we didn't get to meet Stan Lee in person, and that's ok, because I think there are probably way more deserving people who should get to shake his hand. But He and his team at Stan Lee's World of Heroes were nothing but nice to us and that is more than enough to make us happy to have him be a part of our Spider-Man Short. I hope they like what we did.

And I hope YOU like it as well. We haven't even talked about the fan contest portion yet. Meanwhile, in the Stan Lee freak out land, thousands and THOUSANDS of people are writing comments for the spider-man short. We expected a LOT, when we opened the script to the fans, but that was amazing! It was so great to see so many fans want to give their little requests/scene ideas. It made us feel very loved, and also very overwhelmed. So we had to pick just a handful even though there were tons of entries. There was a deadline for this cartoon you know, so we had to draw the line somewhere. I hope what we created was enjoyable.

I personally love it. This short was challenging all the way to the end, people worked very hard in many departments to make it happen, and so getting to top the end off with a legend like Stan Lee is pretty much the best thing anyone could ask for. Thanks for watching. And go give some love to Stan Lee's World of Heroes for being such great pals to us. They deserve it as well.


also, if you don't mind me asking, what did you think of the actual movie?

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Congrats on getting a celebrity in your video. And not just any celebrity - nerd LEGEND Stan Lee! Keep keeping on, HISHE :)

Dude that was really fun but I seriously wanted to see Doctor Connors change into the lizard

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Again an awesome short. Stan Lee's cameo was perfect! Great job as always guys!

Wow, I din't realize that that was the real Stan Lee (I know you wrote "for real", but I thought you just meant as a character or something). Man, you got a LEGEND to appear on your short, how lucky and awesome are you.
As for the short, I loved it. As always, the superhero cafe was hilarious. Favorite part was the part about breaking promises.

Awesome short everybody, though not necessarily my fav (only cause there are so many superb videos here). The evil Peter from the previous Spider-Man series just put me over the top. I didn't see it coming and the timing/deliver was so perfect I seriously almost died I was already laughing on the inside from all the preciding epic jokes and then he just goes dancing across, I couldn't take it. Thanks so much for making a perfectly average day so much more wonderful!!!

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So hilarious. I almost died laughing when Tobey Maguire showed up at the end.

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tobey maguire isn't at the end

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tobey maguire isnt it but it was emo version peter parker

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh! Now we're talking that is just what I wanted to see Daniel you are an awesome artist

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that was a very funny debate..
just like obama and Romney's debates

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 i dont think san lee helped you doing that guys