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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Hi folks, im new here, I love HISHE.COM, nothing cracks me up more, before i pose my question I will introduce myself, Im actually a Magician/Mentalist from Scotland, in my spare time i love to do 3D modelling using various software tools that are available, its nothing more than a little hobby. Which brings me to my question, Im not the greatest artist in the world but i would love to try some 2d style animation, like flash etc.. but not sure what software is best, i just spent a small fortune on Toon Boom Animate 2 Pro and find it hard to learn as the tutorials anywhere online are terrible.What time of software does HISHE use? can anyone advise me on the best software and any sites with good tutorials? I thankyou all in advance, im off to watch the Tron Rap, again! DM


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'Sup.Daniel posted a video on the exclusive content area where he explains how he does what he does.I think he uses Corel Painter, Photoshop and After EffectsBut you should check the video anyways::) 

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Daniel, uses corel paint 12 for back grounds, although Otis now does backgrounds., he uses photo shop for characters, and he is using After effects for animation.I have recently aquired mac, tablet, and these softwares to see what i can do :D

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Welcome to HISHE! If you go in the extras menu and click the wizard of oz behind the scenes clip, they explain to you what they do and how they do it. The software for making the drawings is Photoshop and the background is made using coral painter. The animation is done using Adobe After Effects. I'm not sure about the sound editing and stuff though.Roses are red,Violets are blue, Optimus Prime is awesome,this poem doesn't rhyme, NOW GIVE ME YOUR FACE!

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Thankyou to you both, Ive not had a chance to check out the exclusive content, im on my way there now. :-)

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I use After Effects to animate, but it isn't the only or best choice.  It is just what works with how I create moving characters.Toon Boom is great from what I've seen.Flash is also very powerful.It's all in how much you want to spend and how much you want to have to learn. 

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I am looking into Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 as we speak. It looks great. But after watching Daniel do his thing, I'm interested in After Effects. I suppose I could always use Corel Painter and import that into Toon Boom because I believe his backgrounds are what really make the whole project look professional. Although my problem is seeing other's success. Toon Boom has great features and I plan on learning it more, but After Effects seems interesting as well. Not to mention cheaper. If you are still learning Toon Boom check out Adam Phillips from He has a chunk of tutorials online that (from what I hear) are better than the actual tutorials that Toon Boom offers. I was able to learn quite a bit about the software after going through them. Enjoy! :) And if anyone would like to comment about After Effects, please do.

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Gimp is by far the best free photo editor available. Photoshop is significantly more powerful in certain ways, but (in my opinion) not worth the ridiculous amount of money that it costs, when you can get Gimp for free.Gimp is capable of making GIF animations, but nothing that looks very good in video format, or can be used for anything but GIF. Gimp GAP is not a video editor, but more of a bridge over the gap(no pun intended) that spans between video files and GIFs. example: if you have a youtube video on your drive, and you want to make a GIF of a small fraction of it, GAP makes that easy. However, if you want to make a youtube video, GAP is not able to do that.I have yet to find a good program that can do quality animations, or video affects for free. So, if you spend money on a program, please don't spend any money on photoshop. I don't know much about animation, but for your images you don't need to spend ANY money. In lieu of Photoshop get Gimp, and in lieu of Painter get MyPaint or Artweaver. All good. All free. 

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I do pretty much the same process HISHE does for my animations, I still use After Effects, but I use GIMP to draw my backgrounds and make my character models, and since GIMP can export psd's it makes my job that much easier :)

Hey Daniel! congrats to you and all the team for the excellent work!
I´d just watched the extras video, in particular the predator.
How yoy apply the shadows over the face? in a new layer with a less opacity percentage  brush?  a particular tool?
I would be very happy if you answer my question.
Thanks for you all HISHE work!

can anyone identify the tablet that is used in the resident evil behind the scenes?

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Judging by it's look and the fact it acts as the Computer Screen I'd say it's a Wacom Cintiq, but be warned, those things are expensive, like 2K expensive :(

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Hi Daniel, What is the Operating system you use...... and the drawing pad you use for the animation.
I am gett the new imac shortly and photoshop, after effects, and corel painter.

I am looking to set up a site HISHE inspired...... Called What If's....... not so much movie paradies but instead using the characters and story from a movie but changing it with a WHAT IF... i.e what if John McClain missed his flight. (that will be my first) then also a short cartoon called the school run. Comic strips like your own with Me and my friends using real life stories etc.

I am 30 years of age, i love art and drawing but never thought i could do anything like what you have done, I didn't think i was good enough, funny enough, and i didn't have the money to get started. But after seeing the brilliance that is HISHE i am going to give it a go. Simply for fun of course, i don't imagine it will ever amount to more than that. But thank you for the inspiration and i look forward to finding out what you do use for your animation drawings.

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I am getting started this weeked, Got iMac, and Tablet.... SOftware being installed on Sat. and then we are off, just watching how to vids at the mo :D