How It Should Have Ended
What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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 ok his was a asome game and would be cool if hishe could do somthing with it. like, a assasin gives a person a high five and his hiden knife comes out. or the assasin just killed some one and he is pertending to pray. then a guard walks up and qustions why he has a sword.assassin: what swordguard: that sword, dagger, throuing knifes, and a kknife inn your sleev.he assassin jumps into a hay barell.assassin: he will never find me in hereguard walks up.guard: what are you doingassassin: im haythen the guard calls renforsments, hall the hay baril to a cliff with a hores and toses it


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Here is one thing>Ezio pulls out the robes, puts them on pulls out sword. Ezio omg i look like Kento frome the Force Unleashed

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The guards would find Ezio no problems, I mean he's wearing very fancy robes. and the main villians know what he looks like why don't they show the picture to all the guards this way they'd find him easier.

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That would seriously hurt a lot. I mean its hay, not a gelatine that doesn't allow you to hit the ground.