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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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I have noticed, at least in two so far, the dog in the comics 'Kiddo' is in the short Empire Strikes back (on the little hallway droid), then on the doughnut that is in 2012. Are there any others?!?


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He's on the cab door in the dark knight. It even says "kiddo cabs" on the side.

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Ghostbusters: On an electronic thing that Igon is holdingJurassic Park: On a wallWorld of warcraft: On the titleCaptain America: On a radarHarry Potter: On Harry's invincibility cloakSuper Mario bros: On a flag in Bowswer's castle300: On a statueMortal Kombat: On a teacupJaws: "oddiK" which is "Kiddo" backwards is written on the shipModern Warfare: On a bookThor: On a suitReach: On a carToy Story 3: On one of Andy's boxs when he is leavingScream: In a picture frameDistrict 9: On a medalionThe Dark Knight: On a taxiThe Best Picture Summary: On the King's medal in the King's SpeachAliens: On a shirtTop Gun: On a badgeTron: On an arcade screenThe Holiday Movie Special: On the book cover(at the begining)The Social Network: On a beer bottleSaw: On the Monoply game boardThe Empire Strikes Back: On a hallway droidInception: On a guy's shirtIndy 4: On Steven Spielberg's hatLost: On a time bombPredator: On the PredatorIron Man: On a truck2012: On a giant donutStar Trek: On a computerAvatar: On a mugThe Wizard Of Oz: In Dorthy's armsTwilight: On a vampire's beltTransformers 2: On a posterTerminator: On a signThat's All Folks!

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To show how lazy I am, I'm not going to read through the other posts to see if this has already been mentioned. BUT, I found Kiddo in the invisibility cloak when Harry is handing it over to Snape. Keen eye, I tell you.

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Dark knight- cab
Iron man- on the truck
Resident evil- his face is on the hats
Jaws- his name is spelt backwards on the boat
Transformers- the poster
Jurassic park- on the wall
Twilight- on their belts
Wizard of oz- in Dorothy's arms
Captain America- on the radar
300- when the Spartans come on
Harry potter- the invisibility cloak
Mortal kombat- on the teacup
Terminator- sign
Indiana jones- hat
Scream- picture of him

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Thor- on the suit
Super mario bros- on the flag
District 9- the medallion
Inceptions- on a shirt
The holiday movie special- on the book cover
Top gun- on the badge
Tron- on the screen
Star Trek- on the computer
Hishe title sequence- start
Saw- monopoly box
Best picture summery 2011- kings speech
Spider-Man 3- credits
The social network- bottle
Avatar- the mug
Modern warfare- on a book
Predator- on the predator
Aliens- on the shirt