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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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People have requested a bond HISHE for ages, but for whatever reason we never got around to actually doing it.  So with Skyfall coming out we thought this would be a good time to finally give the fans what they asked for. James Bond is a tough category. He always gets out of the jam he's in. He gets any girl he wants. He's got it all and doesn't usually make mistakes. It's usually challenging to spoof a character like that in terms of story flaws when everything is designed to just show off how awesome the hero is. So with Casino Royale we thought, "why go through all the trouble?" They know LeChiffre is bad, they know what he's up to, they even talk about it before the mission, why do they have to keep being sneaky at this point? Just go nab him before he starts the poker tournament.  Seems like delaying him as much as possible would be the best plan since all they are trying to do is keep him broke.  So that's what we did :)

As for production, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. Otis' art is really amazing. Bryan wrote some incredibly authentic music. And we even got a Daniel Craig voice!  First time HISHE voice, Anthony Ingruber had contacted us a long time ago and his Daniel Craig impression was all we needed to hear.  I thought he brought a great new element to our line of HISHE's, so good job my friend!

And that's the condensed version of how this short was made.  It was a long time coming, but we finally got Bond on the list.  I hope you guys enjoyed it!


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It wasn't untill after I saw this short I realized the testicle rope thing explains why Bond can sleep with so many women and not worry about the consequences.

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Bond has a marttinni because he's shaken not stirred hehe

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I thought that was a really excellent HISHE and can't wait for the next one in the James Bond Season.

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that reminds me of Skyfall movie. Avengers face palm on that

Why didnt you upload the bourne identity hishe to your site before you released this one on your site

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They say that Skyfall has the best chance to break the bond for Oscar curse. 

i love to make videos and ive been wanting to make anime. i would like it if you told how you make the anime in a more vivd way.

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you know what you guys should do make a gangnam style for hishe that would be cool. Wo pan HISHE style or something like that