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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Rather than just spew out a bunch of talk about how tough this one was to settle on, I'll just say I absolutely loved making this short.  Because I did.  Finally getting to make the short everyone has been begging for was a joy as well as a wonderful stress filled fearful challenge. We wanted to make the Batman short several things.  We wanted it to be good (duh) We wanted it to fit in with our other super hero style shorts, and mostly we wanted the cafe to be Superman and Batman only.  The first time we did the cafe scene was with our Superman short, and I wanted Batman to have his own spotlight in return.  So if you are wondering why Ironman or Spiderman aren't around, it's because we didn't want it to be about them.  (but that doesn't mean they are gone forever ;)As for the story, since The Dark Knight is one of if not the most perfect super hero script ever written (if you don't take into account how convenient it is that nobody ever shoots batman in the face) and since we weren't going to have our story end with batman getting shot in the face, there is very little that could be done differently (without force feeding it to you) in terms of plot that wouldn't just cause a chain reaction of explination.  If you catch the joker at the party before Rachel is tossed out the window, then nobody dies, two face never happens, everyone's happy, and Bruce, Harvey, and Rachel have some weird love triangle battle... but that's not funny or satisfying to watch.   If you Don't change any of that and try to change something else later in the film it's just not that relevant because the joker's already in full swing and you can't stop his plan of chaos... So we took a poll, asked around, looked at the forum discussions, and the reoccurring topic was the bat pod.  So therefore, Whamo, Batman hits the Joker.Batman maybe can't kill someone, but he sure doesn't mind beating the snot out of evil doers, so why wouldn't severely hospitalizing someone along the way fall into that category?   Absolutely, Batman would say "I'll give you something think about, while you are trying to regain the use of your arms and legs in Gotham General"   I mean, HE TOSSED A DUDE OFF A ROOF just to break his legs!   Batman totally pushes his rule boundary when he wants to.  "I wont kill you, but I don't have to save you."  are you kidding?  I wont kill you, i'll just NOT help you live as this train does the killing for me... dirty pool batman.Anyway!  So that's how it came to be.  Hope you enjoy it.  This one was a personal important short to complete. --Credits--Written By: Tina Alexander and Daniel BaxterVoices By: Daniel Baxter and Stephanie Fisher (Rachel)Music By: Bryan English


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Was this a Clone High ref?!?  It was BEAUTIFUL!I love everything you guys do.  Keep it up!

loved it "are you gargaling marbels or somthing" is the best thing in the movie

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 This is my favorite video of yours, since The Dark Knight is like my #1 favorite movie of all time!!

The Dark Night is a great movie and is one of my faviorite movies

Halarious man"That wasnt the magic trick i saw the pencil wedge up into his eye this is lame"HahAHAHAahaha

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I wish you could put superman and batman in every single HISHE! F'n hilarious!

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absolutely hilarious all the way to the end 

I've been a long time watcher/enjoyer of your videos and finally decided to signup.  I agree with the others who say that the Superman and Batman in the Cafe has become like a HISHE signature.  Adding the other supers in there has been pretty hilarious as well (like Iron Man, and Thor).  I loved this video and am constantly quoting it about everyday now (and have been quoting the Superman one for a long time now). If possible, I would like ask if you guys could add to the download section or members only content an mp3 of Two Face garbling "I only have half a face" at the very end.  I think it would be hilarious to use it as a phone/computer notification sound.  Batman mumbling would be pretty awesome as well, as he's running out of the Cafe. Awesome work guys.  I saw your videos of SDCC from last year, hope to see you there this year (I missed last year, but will be there this year).

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Superman-Because your Ba-Batman-BECAUSE IM BATMAN

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Everyone seems to think that it's a big hole in the story, when they cut away from the dinner party after Batman catches Rachel.What I always remind people of, is that at the time, The Joker believed that was Dent jumping out of the window to save Rachel. "You know for a minute there, I thought you really were Dent. The way you threw yourself after her!"So if the Joker's sole purpose of showing up to the party, was to hunt down Harvey Dent..he would have assumed that he either died from the fall, or made a quick escape to save Rachel.

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The concept of a couple well known superheroes just sitting at a coffee shop shooting the sh*t a-la absolute comedy gold. You guys should seriously consider just making this a weekly short show.

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DUDE! I would watch it!

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I've been waiting for you guys to put this up!

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That. Was. EPIC!! Tied with Harry Potter and Jurassic Park as my fav HISHE EVER!!! Hehehehe. "That wasn't a magic trick, I saw the pencil just went up into his eye, this is lame." ROFL!!! :D :D

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you guys should do oe on the incredible hulk

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