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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Lets just dive in shall we. As much as I support Nolan and his game changing cinematic style for Batman, TDKR is NOT a perfect movie. It's sad, but true. There are multiple moments where common sense goes out the window for the sake of "Bane gaining control of the city" Could someone actually steal all of Wayne's money in a stock exchange being held hostage? Wouldn't the transaction be immediately flagged? Why does Batman not realize Bane's tunnel leads directly under his own armory? Why does Batman not use a single useful gadget to fight Bane instead of trying to out box him? Why did Bruce design the reactor to have a removable core if Bruce was so worried about people exploiting it for evil? Why are the military and police absolutely useless in this story? How does Batman survive the stabbing? How does he get back to Gotham after the prison break? We could talk about the pros and cons of Rises for hours, but this is meant to be about the HISHE. Bottom line, I LOVE Nolan's Batman and that's why it's so fun to pick it apart.

Back to the Short. I am very proud of this one. Several reasons. Otis' backgrounds are top notch and it makes my character art look so legit. The music is awesome, which Bryan made way more tracks than he usually does for a single HISHE so that puts this one way over the scale musically. We also have two new voice actors on this one. From the internet's Creature Hub two of the members, Dan Gidlow and Max Gonzalez who we met at Comic Con, gave us their performances. Dan being an OG in terms of HISHE fan has been a part of the HISHE community since almost the beginning. After meeting him and knowing what a batman fan he was I always wanted to give him a spot in the short, and then to find out one of his colleagues does an insane Morgan Freeman Impression we got 2 amazing voices instead of just one.

The last thing I'm happy with is just seeing it all come together. This short was very challenging in terms of what can we make that isn't completely like any of our previous super hero shorts (especially The Dark Knight) We didn't want to carbon copy as it's our goal to make each short stand alone and each cafe to focus on the star of the movie. So I hope you enjoy it. I especially enjoy it because I know first hand how at one moment it was nothing then people contributed, and it was one of our biggest cartoons to date. I wish we could have made a 15 minute version, but perhaps we can make some bonus shorts. :) Thanks for watching everybody!


I agree so much with your video!, I was trying to explaing to so many friends why TDKR is not the excelent movie we where expecting (a good movie yes, but not great), but now I don´t have to explain no more, I just have to send your video to them, you make almost every point I want to make in a so much fun 3 and a half minutes! Why is it so hard to make third parts of a franchise?, Please keep doing this great job!Ivan

OK, me and a bunch of friends have been watching your videos for years. And I have seen every video you have ever released. (I know, it's a little obsessive.) I can't decide which video is my favorite, but this one is up there on my list. I check your website every day to make sure no video sneaks up on me. I also check Youtube because sometimes, you'all post videos on Youtube but not here. (Why?) 
P.S.-Lapidus is the best LOST character ever!!!

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Remember the one bridge that was still connected to the island (until the idiot cop had it blown up at the end)? All Bruce had to do was avoid the idiot cops guarding it and make it across, probably by using the supports underneath. 
This was a great video! Loved Clark's cameo at the cafe in Florence. Kudos to everyone who helped create the Rises HISHE. 

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Pretty spot on with all of them. There are very few things I would change with The Dark Knight Rises story. People like to point out silly things like Bruce suddenly being back in Gotham, or why was his leg, injured for 8 years, better after just using that brace once. But I just reply, Because He's Batman! Why is that hard to understand? If anyone could do it, he could. But you guys did a great job grabbing some areas of the story that honestly deserve a stronger explanation. Spot on. And that's saying a lot coming from me, Cos I'm Batman!

Too right, i loved the end scene 'Hi Alfred!' The whole film felt quite repetitive to the first one but all in all you ended it well :)

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I loved it, the HISHE videos have become something of a craze in my house at University. And I can see TDKR instalment being another brilliant addition to our repetoire of In-jokes.
I should really officially thank you all for making these brilliant videos and bringing joy to so many people... You're like Santa Clause. Only better at drawing and animating. (I imagine)

Lol it was really funny with the Morgan Freeman flooding moment and the JGL final scene loved it^^ And the score was fantastic, very serious tone that works so well with the jokes^^
Maybe you could add the part about Bane forgetting to steal the other "The Bat" when he was stealing the tumblers, Talia freaks out when she sees Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham to meet up with Lucius Fox, then forgetting to tell Bane about it thus the "impossible" scene when the bat fire symbol goes up; and a whole scene about how Bruce got back to Gotham to fill the imagination of people who don't want to imagine.
Great work! Enjoyed a lot of your shorts!!

I've never really liked Batman anyway, but this one was okay. You should do Batman& Robin. that one is full of hishe opportunities !!!! I really enjoyed the short. thanks!!!

I've discovered your shorts recently and I have to admit that you have great ideas ! I love the running gags like this cause-I'm-Batman-thing :)
The super-cafe part of this one may be one of the best you did (after the one with Facebook, awesome).
Every videos made me laugh and I keep making friends watch them in order to share these funny shorts. But it is still a little part of my friends because most of them wouldn't understand since... We're French (sorry for the mistakes in my English writing if there are, by the way ;-) ) ^^

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I'm a big fan of HISHE and Batman. I had an argument with my brother about Rises after we watched it. He thought it was the best of the trilogy, I said that while it was a strong ending to the franchise, it couldn't compare with Dark Knight. Some of the plotholes, a few of which you've mentioned, stood out glaringly, but it was still entertaining, which is the main thing. Also liked the sort of ambiguous ending. I think Alfred's just riddled with guilt and Alzheimer's so he's just seeing what he wants to. Though I suppose Bruce Wayne has survived more implausible scenarios.
This was not my favourite short, not because it wasn't funny but just because I was expecting Iron Man to show up in the cafe and say something along the lines of 'So a nuke is about to blow up your city and you had to sacrifice yourself to divert it, only to survive it at the end? Haven't we all done that?' That similarity to the Avengers stuck out for me, though it was obviously a coincidence. Keep up the good work.

Why didn't Superman just save the city during the 6 MONTHS Bane was ruling it? :P He must've heard about the nuclear bomb in the news right?

The only thing I felt was missing in this short was the fact Batman didn't use the missile defense gadget or the button to fly so fast it reversed time. It would have been a great way to show up Superman by dealing with the situation that involved a nuke just like Superman did

First of all, congratulations on your webisodes, they are freaking AWESOME!
So, I'll get straight to it. I'm an animation student and I want to use a part of a dialogue of one of your episodes for one of my assignments (2 person dialogue shot).
Here's my website, you can see by previous works what this is exactly - This is just an exercise, I won't ever make money out of it or anything. If it turns out to be a really good shot it will end up on my showreel, with which I will apply to jobs based on the animation and anything else. On the reel description I will say where every piece of audio I use comes from. 
It's just 14 seconds of it, and i quote them:
"-What, they hate you? How is this a good story?
- It's because I'm the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs... it's complicared, but it's pretty awesome when you think about it.
- Yeah, I don't know what anything of that means."
So, these 14 seconds are GOLD, pure genious :) And with so many acting possibilities, I'm really excited about the chance of animating it.
The million dollar question is... Do you mind if i use it? :)
Hope you don't ;)
All the best,
please answer to:

This have been bothering me for a while as soap from mw3 had the same injury as batman and died but batman didn't ! Now soap would have had more protection on than batman, soaps injury was from a wood splinter, he had survived a knife in his chest and the batman had like rubber armour on, had is back broken his heart broken even his bank account broken, was bleeding all over the place, ejects from the bat at sea and still survives the injuries!and yet soap didn't!

As always, hilarious.  But now that you have shirts for sale, I have a request for you guys... 
I want a  "Because I'm BATMAN"!!  T Shirt.  That would make my day.  And maybe a "I keep lots of things on my belt" (or whatever the quote was, sorry) coffee mug.  And to top it all off?  A Bat-Phone cover for your real phone with something that says "I'm Batman, and I'm awesome".
In case you didn't notice, I am a Batman nut, and personally wish "Super-Cafe" was a regular animated sitcom on television.

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This short was amazing and one of my favorites, especially the robin outfit, but a problem is, superman said no important Gotham characters got killed, but the mayor got blown up, and though he didn't have a big part in the movies he was the mayor.

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It's amazing!!!

Didn't anyone else notice that Nolan stole the Alfred ending from Good Will Hunting?
Anyhoo, awesome short. I miss the old shorts where you would do one simple alternative ending and nail it, but sometimes you just have to point out all the points.

It could have been cool that instead of bane breaking batman catwoman gets in the fight and breaks bane without a problem

kinda glad that scene was added in for the bonus HiSHE, though I found it particularly mind-boggling how none of the people holding the automatic weapons opened fire on Bane while he was giving that speech or at any of his other times of being out in the open.

It was great! I really like the guy's voice that says, "So you're not gonna blow up the city."

I had this great idea for a short HISHE video. Where can I send it in?