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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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do you really think chuck norris is that strong?


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I'm sorry but Chuck Norris is way overrated *dodging bullets and miscellaneous objects thrown at me* The entire world would slaughter Chuck

You forget who you're talking to-- Chuck Norris fans! They are even more unrealistic than the idiots who worship Steven Seagal. The Hulk would destroy Chuck Norris without even trying."Hulk fart--- Hulk sorry,old karate-man!"

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God is part of everything in the universe, so I'm sorry.
Chuck Norris loses.

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Bliss is correct. God gave Chuck Norris life do you honestly think that he is not capable of taking it away?

well if god was in the fight, obviously!!! but even still chuck would lose

Chuck Norris and god had a fight once. We don't know who won, but no on has ever found god...

sorry but bliss is right chuck would lose but he would put up one hell of a fight

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even without god chuck is still screwed.

wouldnt cuck norris have to fight against himself or do you mean everybody eccept cuck norris against chuck norris

bobreeda wrote:

do you really think chuck norris is that strong?

Technically, he's stronger than the 1976 2nd-place middle-eight karate champion, that's about it-- and that was in 1076.

Beyond that is anyone's guess. However if he was that strong, he wouldn't have to wear an ugly BEARD to cover up his punched-up face--- and for the record, a beard is a PRETTY UGLY COVER-UP for a punched-up face, if you wanna put it on a movie-screen! EWWWW!

Much as I detest Seagal, at least he has a face that's obviously never seen anything but a FOOD-fight, so has the right idea:

"Stick close to your homes
and never go to war;
and you may be a kung-fu action movie star!"

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Chuck Norris would totally lose. Except we'ld have to nurse some roundhouse injuries.

In "The Ultimate Showdown," Chuck Norris and everyone else got killed by Mr. Rogers.

You mess with Fred, you join the dead!

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God is part of everything in the universe, so I'm sorry.
Chuck Norris loses.

ok umm God worships chuck norris, sorry universe say good bye to god and start worshiping chuck norris, even gandalf with his mass powers would be subject to him srry chuck norris all the way

God said "Let there be light" Chuck Norris said, "Say Please" Nuff said.

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*sigh*Are we including God in this? If we ain't then Chuck Totally wins. The Big Bang was God and Chuck Norris having a farting contest. Chuck Norris doesn't read books, he stares them down until he gets the info he wants. Chuck Norris is suing the directors of Brokeback Mountain because that's what he call the pile of dead ninjas in his back yard. He's also suing Law and Order because that's what he named his legs. I think Chuck Norris wins.

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god is technically not apart of the universe but he can enter it and not be apart of it whenever he wants, its sorta like building a ship in a bottle you built the ship and you can change it but your never apart of the ship... although since we are restrcted to reality we cant actually go in there in pirate form, so chucknoris is kinda like gods tweezers. but if you put god in the mix that is when the tweezers lose


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not including God, Norris takes all with half a round house

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Bruce Lee killed Chuck Norris in Enter the Dragon. So, Take that.XxThatGuyxX

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that wass a movie, you CANT beat chuck unless your god, or his two wingmen

Yeah? GOD killed Bruce Lee for REAL!HA!