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Go ahead and put this one on top as "most challenging HISHE ever."  I actually fear whatever short that will take that title next, because this short pushed HISHE's limits further than ever before.  We had Comic Con, we had World of Warcraft, and we had Harry Potter all bundled in the same month, but oh lets also make Harry Potter the most anticipated most request HISHE too.  So no pressure right?  No big deal.  So let me just get this out once and for all.   "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW and a HALF!"I am tired.but tired and happy. Why did we make Harry Potter this way?  quite simply, the time turner (although dangerous) could save EVERY character that dies following Prisoner of Azkaban as well as any person prior.   But J.K. had the time turners destroyed in the books and the movies didn't even mention them after the 3rd film.  We felt this was not done by accident. :)  So in a place like Hogwarts where they keep EVERYTHING no matter how dangerous, Hermione would never just give back something like time travel.Therefore, all wrongs could be made right.  Everyone could live happily ever after.  But who would make the sacrifice to go back and destroy the most evil dark wizard of all time before things get bad?  Whoever goes has to stay in the past.  We chose Snape.  But Snape is dead!  Is he though?  We think this fact is not in the spirit of the all knowing one step ahead of you master plan of Dumbledore that happens in every other potter story.  Snape would not just take a beating like that, not unless he was trying to play you like a fiddle.  So we brought him back to life.  Problem solved.  But back to the time turner plan.After learning Snape's true motivation behind all things Potter, we felt he would be the one who would not only want the past to be rewritten, but he would also have the nerve to actually go through with it.   So, time is rewritten.  Everybody lives. (except Tom Riddle of course)  and now there are two Snapes.  One living as normal secretly in love with Lily, and the other secretly living among the past with an invisibility cloak.  Crazy huh :)  It's risky...  It changes a lot of things... but alot of good guys get to live instead of die :)Hope you enjoy it.I for one love this short :)  They're all sort of my babies, but this one was intentionally made in a lengthy story form and a lot extra care went into the making of it.  My only regret is we couldn't make it longer.  Gotta cut the line somewhere I suppose.  But it's exciting to see now what finally became the Harry Potter HISHE since we waited so patiently for the series to finally wrap up. Speaking of wrap up... Thanks for watching, thanks for reading,  I hope you enjoyed our complicated parody.  Thank you to everyone who helped me pull this one off.  Tina for talking out harry potter for a month, and for making us all dinner.  Mark, Stephanie, and Stephen for their voices.  And Bryan for writing some of your best music we've gotten yet.  Seriously love the montage music.Thanks everyone! 


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thank you very much, so much better then the real books and movies

Yeah, but you guys NAILED it!  This was one of my most favorite episodes yet!  The best was "I'm pointing my wand AS HARD AS I CAN!" There were a lot of issues with the whole "magic can do this vs magic can't do this" - like they don't have a spell that cuts hair?  Why did Hermoine have to use a scisors to cut Harry's hair??

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That zing at the end. Brilliant.

I would have to say I was laughing the whole time! I didn't even think about the time turners after the 3rd movie. It's been a long time since I went over the books either so I didn't realize they were destroyed. I really loved this HISHE and I'm glad Harry Potter finally ended so it could be made.~Comicdud

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Awesome short as always :)One thing I thought of while watching this though: Couldn't have Snape gone ahead and cast a spell on the time turner to turn itself 29200-ish times? Then again, as said before: Strange rules on what can and can't be done.Infact, why not enchant each wand upon creation to back fire, should someone with evil intentions use one of the 3 spells that shan't be cast?  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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I didn't notice the first time I watched it but the Dumbledore changes from the beginning to the end. Very clever. 

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i never stopped laughing from the second it started. kiddos in rons badge when we first see him (i think) and my favorite part was the scene where snape comes back from the dead and luna lovegoods only line. defiantly worth the wait. :)    I did not like Ghostbusters when i first saw it. Now you may fire at will

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I thought it was Excellent especially when Professor Snape arises from his death and then goes back though time to kill Voldermort when he was young. 

YOU SHALL NOT PASSHERE's what i reckon you guys should do next: HISHE 4 EVER!! 

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1. i totally agree on what happened, but after a while wouldn't there just be a dead invisible Snape on the floor, no moaning myrtle, no order of the phoenix, Harry with parents, no horcruxes, a philosiphers stone and a huge snake in the sewers.2. it would toatally WRECK J.K.Rowling, and the Warner Bros film company. plus what would millions of super natural fanatics worship in their spare time. probably Twilight.3. most of Harry's freinds would not be his freinds, like Dobby, Luna, Cedric Diggory, and a few others i can't be bothered to name4. guys like the guy above should at least get there priorties strate, you comment first, then advertise picture isn't Bumble-Bee its Bumble-gini

Well, that's the thing with it. Here's my 'devil's advocate':1. It's just something to think about. If you want to see EXTREMELY CONFUSING, look at this on MuggleNet: also has to deal with time-travel, and just makes you wonder... For each turn they made, the one mistake changed another thing. And then he made 262,031 turns. That's so many turns there may not even BE a Harry Potter. For all we know James and Lily would never have hooked up and Harry Potter would, like, be Snape's son or something. It's REALLY messed up. Oh well. And if that happened, maybe Hermione wouldn't have gotten the time turner to give to Snape, etc. etc. etc...2. Who cares? They could make a book/movie about how Neville conquers peer pressure or something. Problem solved.3. A lot of his friends probably wouldn't be his friends. Ron probably wouldn't. He'd probably think 'Eew it's a dweeb with glasses' or something. The only thing that attracted Ron (at first, mind you) was the scar on his forehead. And if that weren't there, where would we be? In some crazy alternate universe like this where none of the rules of the canon apply. For all we know Dumbledore could levitate or breathe without a suit in space or go to Mars and enslave aliens if he wanted to. This whole thing is just visual fanfiction. And my explanation is written 'fanfiction' (of the theories-type). Believe me, if they wanted to, they could have Harry Avada Kedavra-ing Nazi base camps on the moon/Mars, etc.4. This is the only thing I agree with you on.That was my comment, here is my ad:POTTERMORE EXPERIENCE: A place for Harry Potter fans to socialize and talk about J. K. Rowling's new project! Earn House points and talk about the books, the movies, and anything else you want to! Please mention that WolfDawn185 referred you in your intro post!

I think it's awesome how Harry needed a parent's permission slip to go to Hogsmeade in Prisoner of Azkaban, but none to speak of for the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire. You hit the nail on the head in the first segment. The rest was hilarious too.

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So totally worth the wait! Your best one yet! Thank you soooo much guys!       "Beneath this mask, there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof." 

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I love this video!!! =DIt's one of the greatest that hishe has ever done!!! =)

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The whole thing really was Genius, but I especially enjoyed "Professor Gandalf". "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

You nailed it, down to the clothing and hairstyles, detail-wise. And of course the writing was as great as always. Loved the Voldemort impression. And that beginning with the wax candles... brilliant.

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This is now my new favourite hishe. All the art, animation and voices, particularly the writing that was deep as well as hilarious, was all on top form.

Incredible!  I wish I could animate.  This is my new favorite (probably a tie with the Dark Knight HISHE).Just one thing.  Snape would actually have to turn the time-turner 482,136 times, not 262,000-ish.

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I love how you used your edward cullen design for cedric! Will you be making any more avatars? Because I would like a more high quality one then the one i have now.

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You could use the Jack Skellington picture from the Holiday special!
Just a thougt

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As a Harry Potter fan, I was nervous, but you brought up some lingering issues I had with the books e.g. when Dumbledore/Snape don't plan ahead like they normally do.  I thought it was also nice that you took a stab at the old question of "If you could go back in time and assassinate a young Adolf Hitler, would you?" philisophical question.I also like that you didn't dwell on re-writing history because as a recovering Marvel Zombie from the 90's, I've always subscribed to the "alter the past, create a parallel timeline, your present remains intact unaltered" approach to time travel and changing history.  That is to say, if Snape travels back in time, nothing changes in the present (which is oddly comforting since hey, that way it wasn't for nothing and no one has to worry about ending up dead from tampering) and you picked the one character who could be trusted to go back in time, carry out such a grisly (and ethically questionable) mission, and then not abuse the power this bestows.  That is to say, one would think alternate-history-Dumbledore has thoroughly questioned Snape and now knows about things like the Chamber of Secrets (just in case), which students were prone to falling for the Dark Arts (Snape) and which needed serious life altering events to shape them into good people (James Potter and friends).Oh and you did this in a lighthearted, enteraining way and worked in Gandalf.  Bonus!

"But sir, you're gonna have to turn that thing at least 200,000 times!""Then you best not make me lose count Mr. Weasly"The Joker

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CT- I loved it, it was so funny and i posted many of my favs on my facebook page and twitter page. keep up the good work.

I have watched it 5 times and still think that it was the best one of the summer. My favorite parts are at the end when Snape kills "Tom" as a kid and Dumbledore is all WHAT JUST HAPPENED! and the ending scene when both characters are like It's a really long story like if we wrote it all down it would take up 7 books OR 8 movies. This is one of HISHE's really well-done videos. Well done, How It Should Have Ended, Well done!

The way you made the movie end doesn't follow with previous details in the other movies, otherwise it was great.

the irony is that two weeks before this came out i saw the seventh movie part two in theaters. it was awesome.

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Nice work. Barring the going back in time and fixing the past, magic, being ridiculously arbitrary could have been used limitlessly by the numerous wizards/witches to protect themselves / completely ignore the new reign of the Dark Lord and his inbred followers. And forget Harry! What makes him so special beyond his by-Voldemort-chosen role to kill Voldemort? Severus Snape is clearly more of an hero in this series.

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HAHA, it make sense I guess the the author of harry potter never thought that haha, I mean time travel??? and it all make sense good job HISHER

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Three words(and 2 periods and 7 exclimation marks).BEST.HISHE.EVER!!!!!!!It's my FAVOURITE

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Regarding the time turners, I think you guys missed an essential point in Prisoner of Azkaban: they didn't change the past.  In Rowling's world, if you travel back in time and keep someone from dying, that person didn't die.  In Prisoner of Azkaban, the time traveling versions of themselves were already there making their changes the first time through.