How It Should Have Ended
What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Scene opens on the planet Oa. All the members of the Green Lantern are gathered around in their big meeting area. You hear Sinestro saying some nonsense about destroying the great evil that is plaguing the galaxy. Hal Jordan flies up to Sinestro during the meeting and says "Wait! I have the perfect plan to destroy Parallax!"
Scene cuts to all the green lanterns flying out in space as a gigantic cluster. You hear Hal's voice whilst Parallax comes into view. "Okay! Just like we practiced!" All the green lanterns activate their rings and from out of nowhere comes a a giant, green, Death Star. Parallax looks at it in confusion as the 8 pointed laser fires and blows him up.  All the lanterns cheer as parallax's bodies disentigrates and disappears.
Cuts to all of the lanterns flying back to Oa, laughing and talking with each other.  "Well that was incredibly easy. Could you imagine if one of us tried to defeat him by ourselves? HAHAHA that would have been stupid!


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and remember at the resterant scene when superman said that they would the scene with superman and batman every time a new superhero comes by? well why hav'nt they done green lanteren, or for that matter green hornet. its like they comeplely forgot abou them!

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You're saying Batman and Superman can't have life outside Daniel? :DI mean just because there wasn't a HISHE about it, doesn't mean they didn't share a few drinks!Still, I think they shouldn't force a HISHE every time a Super-Hero movie comes out, there are way too many good canidates out there to restrict themselves like this. And after all, best take the ones you can make more fun off of than the one that is popular at the time, no?