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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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When a movie is 3 hours long and is basically a prequel to a 12+ hour adventure epic, how can you carve it down into one HISHE? Do we just poke fun at every visual thing? There are practically 30 characters in the movie! We wont be able to cover everything (unless we make several shorts over longer period of time) Most of the side characters only offer "temporary delays" to the main cast's story... so what is the ONE moment in the film where things would have gone completely different if someone just opened there mouth? We chose the moment where Gandalf sees BIlbo put the ring in his pocket. He saw it. We all saw him see it. He chose to keep it secret, for the convenience of leading into the following films. Not to meantion we already know it's gonna end up back in the Shire. But What if Gandalf immediately acted on his instincts? Well, then the movie's over in no time because once again we see that Gandalf has the eagles on speed dial, and we know he's gonna problem solve later. So... Game over.

This short was a complete joy to work on, but it became apparent very fast that there are LOTS of characters needed for this short. We had to whiddle it down if it was going to be manageable for a team of our scale, but we also knew the expectations for this one would be high. It's the Hobbit, and the LOTR HISHE is still our most popular short to date. We wanted it to at least live up to it's predecessor, as well as mirror it, just like LOTR and the Hobbit do. It was a fun challenge as well as a meaningful one.

Looking back on the original LOTR HISHE I see how tremendously far we have come. How much I've improved, how much the shorts have improved, the handful of talented people we've been fortunate to work with. It really feels like the end of a journey... and that makes me proud :) Warm and Fuzzy. So the Hobbit HISHE is really special to me. I hope you enjoyed it. If not, well I'm sorry we let you down. I think you might be a tad bit spoiled... but I'm sorry we let you down ;) I for one am very proud of the short, and proud of everyone who helped make it. (Otis,Bryan,&Tina)

Thanks for watching everyone.


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Huh. I guess that if Gandalf HAD just solved the entire problem earlier, it would have ended the war of the ring before it had even begun. So Boromir and Theoden are still alive, Frodo isn't scarred for life, Saruman never becomes fully evil.
Then again, Gimli would still dislike Elves, Eowyn would be a suicidal bloodthirsty maniac, and Aragorn would probably never become king. So...Fifty years may be worth it.
It still would have been funny though. :P

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I don't think Gandalf understood yet what the ring truly was. Remember the fellowship of the ring? Gandalf went away for serveral months to do research on Islidur? Only then did he discover what the ring's true potential was. He most likely just assumed it was another magic ring.

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Love it!!   Nicely done!!   I was only expecting it to be slight funnier, but it still made us laugh!!!   Balin's accent was superb, and I LOVE Filli and Killi's randomly huge smiles.   I really like how you portrade Thorin, and Bombor, Bifur, Bufor, Ori, Dori, Nori, Oin and Gloin!!!!!!  Dwalin's always the best though.   I might've done something that was about Thranduil and his elven army at Erebor, but this was still funny!!!!!
Can't wait to see the next two!!!!!!  (you're making the next two right?!?!?!?!?)  (eventually, I mean....)
Awesome Smaug, by the way.

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oh dam... i think i just spoiled the movie for myself (as ive not seen it yet).. lol.
i am lol at the fact that i just spoiled myself. but i do have a comment, i do know and understand that whole HISHE thing, but as i see the Hobbit movies just like i did the LOTR, and that is as a 3 part movie. ( - hey dont laugh at me. )
My point, when the first hobbit ends, it doesnt really end as H2 will continue the story just like "LOTR2". i am guessing we never really threw in the ring (or had another fake one?) or isnt that known to the plot just yet ? Or will they be makiing a new ring?  how ever the case...  I do appreciate all your hard work and i do know why hobbit 1 got its own HISHE video. but still... the hobbit hasnt ended until 1-2 years from now, but i am sure that you guys will have a video each for those films as well... anyway.. thanks for the video!can you do either of thse movies next:    Skyfall, Django, Les Mis, or "batman the dark knight returns part 2" ''
well think about it.. thanks for all great videos..

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Must have taken quite a bit of time to draw all the characters.  It's a shame they get such a small portion of screen time.  The only reasonable thing to do is make more clips of Hobbit HISHE moments, so the work doesn't go to waste.

Spider-Wolffe_78's picture

I was really hoping for a bonus scene on this one.

squirrelygirl890's picture

I thought it was fantastic!  Makes me laugh every time!  Can't wait for the next one, guys!

The Hobbit that is one of my favorite movie and I was so hilarious at that because I'm the only one watching that movie on the house. LOL
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