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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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I think Anakin should have at least said something about the overhaul Palpatine gave him.  I mean, the respirator I can understand, but the helmet and the cape?Also, if Anakin killed Padme "in his rage" as Palpatine states, how did he do it with all his arms and lets cut off?  And of course there's the matter of Kenobi "hiding" on the one planet Anakin is most likely to visit/wreak his vengence on.


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I know this is kind of random, but do you write a lot or have you ever considered writing either theatrically or novely? I ask because you are one of the very few people here that actually write an entire script for the Movie Ending forum instead of just one single plot line. I like that.

The hole in the RotS plot is SO obvious, I can't believe no one sees it:(Yoda and Obi-wan are at the Imperial Senate-building on Coruscant)Yoda: "If you go in there, only pain will you find!"Obi-wan: "I've got to find out!"(Shows holographic video of Palpatine saying "Arise, Darth Vader, my Sith-apprentice!") Cut to Obi-wan before the Imperial Senate, showing the same holographic PROOF that Palpatine was behind everything:"And so you see, senators-- Palpatine was the SIth-lord the entire time-- he started the war, and he killed all the Jedi!"Palpatine: "You don't know the POWER of the Dark Side!"Jar-Jar: "Yooza in deep doo-doo now! Let'sa GET HIM!"(EVERY Senator goes off in their flying senate-seat boxes after Palpatine, who goes running away for his life)Yoda (watching from the side): "If so powerful you are, why leave?"As Palpatine runs by, Jar-Jar zooms after him and grabs the hem of Palpatine's Sith-robe-- Palpatine runs off-screen, and  it rips off in Jar-Jar's hands)Jar-Jar: "Looky what meesa got!"(Palpatine then runs by, NAKED except for a globe he's holding in front of his groin; he runs off-screenClose-up of Yoda, who reaches out, and force-pulls the gobe to his hand)Yoda: "Lost a planet he has... how embarassing-- HOW EMBARASSING!"Obi-wan: "Indeed-- it seems that the Emperor has no clothes!"(Shot of EVERYONE laughing at Palpatine)THE END

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Nice! Of the two, yours seems the most appropriate. They should have called the police on Palp and Anakin for mass murder.Though I would have been happy to see Jar Jar get killed somehow, a Benny Hill ending with the senate chasing around Palp and Darth would be hysterical.

YES! Play the "Benny Hill" chase-scene music, as everyone in the cast goes chasing Palpatine around in fast-motion!THE END!YAH! That's IT!I love it!

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@GringoDingo Nice, that sounds really good, very funny they should totally make that.END OF LINE.....

I think there is a much easier way to handle all of this, a way which everyone must have thought when they saw this film.When Mace Windu is fighting Palpatine and Anakin interrupts, get Mace to Kill Palpatine whilst using the force to hold Anakin back. Or just get Obi-wan to properly kill Anakin instead of leaving him beside the flowing lava. Push him into the lava somehow. It would save a whole lot of bother.

That scene is totally out of Obi Wan's character, leaving him to the lava of an erupting volcano alive, but then I'm not sure what he should have done differently. 

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Put the poor guy out of his missery?Though then again, there would have been no way then for Sir Alec Guinness to kill off his own character...  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

"That scene is totally out of Obi Wan's character, leaving him to the lava of an erupting volcano alive, but then I'm not sure what he should have done differently. " Um... SAVE him, perhaps-- like he was SUPPOSED to do?When Obi-Wan defeated Anakin, then at that moment he became his PRISONER. And at that moment, Obi-Wan became legal and morally responsible for him Anakin's safety, as far as Obi-Wan could reasonably provide.But instead, Obi-wan just watches, and leaves him to be roasted alive! That's EVIL-- just like when Mace Windu decided to murder Palpatine, taking the law into his own hands because he didn't want to risk him beating the rap.So we can blame Mace and Obi-wan just as much as the others-- if they had both just done their jobs, THEN the whole scheme would have been avoided.

That would defeat the whole point: i.e. it was Mace's decision to murder Palpatine, that got him killed; and if Mace had simply arrested Palpatine, then Anakin wouldn't have intervened.

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what about the fact that Kenobi's hideout  was Tatooine, I mean come on, seriopusly. Darth Vader when he purged  all the Jedies he could find, but he couldnt find Obivan, because obi van was on Tatooine, the Skywalkers birth planet

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I have to say that changing Obi to Oben Wan-Kenobi is the single stupidest alias in movie history.

Actually it changed from Obi-wan to "Ben" Kenobi... but he really didn't need an alias: "you don't need to see my identification!"

Palpatine implied that Anakin killed Padme when he choked her out of rage; even though she wasn't hurt, he trusted Palpatine that this was the cause of her death.Anyway, why would Anakin attack the only family he had left in the universe, i.e. his step-brother and stepfather? If anything, he'd try to avoid this one reminder of his past life.

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I guess the whole episode 3 should be completely rewrited, The problem with the star wars is that Original trilogy  came first and it have the perfect Darth Vader story (I guess),now when the prequel trilogy came the first episode was fine,the second episode was OK,and the 3rd episode was slopy with terrible writting ( it took me to actualy read a book to understand that Anakin was an complete idiot),the episode 3 timeline was like what 2-4 weeks, and Lucas just have to create some terrible excuse for Anakin to went into Dark Sidemaybe that after the new clone wars Lucas would remake  the episode 3 and make it so it wouldnt "stink"what should really happen is this(at least its how i would do it)-Anakin's padavan Ashoka should die in some gruesome accident  ( i know this is wrong but it must be done)-Anakin  would feel very terrible because he lost his "daughter" (Ashoka isnt really his daughter but it sure feels like it)-Anakin feels angry for a Jedi Order  because Anakin believe that Jedi are hurtless and they dint care-Anakin desided to retire from the Jedi Order,and live with Padme. on some peacefull distant planet-Palps doesnt want to Anakin to live with Padme, because he needs Anakin for his own selfish reasons-(now this partis treaky even for me but I try)-Padme gives birth to a twins,-Palps developes a plan by sabotaging Padme's ship so it will crash-during  flight the mailfunction causes the ship to loose control, at the last moment Anakin tries to save the twins by puting them in the escape pod, ship crashes on nearby planet - The Jedi Cruiser nerby finds the escape pod with twins ,Obi Wan was on the Jedi Cruiser and he knows who are this twins are - Palps(Sidius) flies to the crash site and takes Anakins body -Obi wan orders a rescue mission and then flies to the crash site, but he finds only Padme's dead body- Palps resurects Anakin by making him in Darth Vader suit, he tells him it the Jedi who sabotaged a ship, Oh by the way Master Yoda and Kenobi tried to stage a coup, but they failed-Anakin- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSidius and Darth Vader go into the next room Sidius takes his holographic projector and gives comand: Execute Order 66The End2 hours earlier- Obi Wan contacts Yoda for guidence-  Yoda hide twins, we must On Tattoine the boy should be, and the girl, Senator Organa daughter she must be-Obi Wan Why?-Yoda didnt you watch the Original trilogy on a DVD-Obi Van:Well yes.-Yoda so dont you agree that make a failed attempt on Sith Lord Palpatin, we should.  - Obi Wan-well yeah i guess, but why we didnt take down Palpatine before-Yoda: I dont know, if it was up to me we would do it years ago.- Obi Wan nodes: that original trilogy spoiled everything,Ok lets do it

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he force-strangled padme before his fight with obi-wan

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what do you mean?

He did it BEFORE the fight. Or do you think she was just gagging at the bad plot? (Could be).

How about the scene when Palpatine is trying to use Force Lightning on Mace Windu and ends up eletricuting himself. He says to Anakin "I have the power to save the one you love" and after Mace is killed he tells Anakin "Cheat death is a power that only one has achieved, but if we work together I'm sure we can discover it's secret". So in other wrods he doesn't exactly know at the moment.Referrence