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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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 The iPhone 4G seems to attract troubles. First, the phone was leaked long before Apple wanted it to be. After that, ordering and delivery did not work as intended. Anybody who wants a white iPhone 4G has to wait. For many iPhone lovers, the iPhone 4G reception issues are coming close to the last straw. Article resource: iPhone 4G problems- Apple says it's all your fault by Personal Money StoreiPhone 4G won’t get reception in certain situations With one glaring exception, the iPhone 4G actually gets better reception than the 3G. The steel-band antenna around the iPhone 4G easily kills all reception if a user touches the bottom-left corner of the phone. Apple's solution to this problem is simply "just don't hold the phone that way." If you feel like you haven’t spent enough money on your iPhone 4G, data plan, voice plan, and apps – you can buy a separate “bumper” or case. No matter how you chose to fix it, the iPhone 4G reception difficulties have been admitted to by Apple. Perhaps duct tape would fix it? The white color iPhone 4G problem There is nothing different within the tech behind a white and a black iPhone 4G, but Apple calls the delay “manufacturing issues." There could be a couple of weeks or more until a white iPhone 4G is available. The iPhone 4G has ordering and delivery difficulties iPhone 4G ordering has been a big problem for customers and also the company. The promised delivery date for the iPhone 4G was changed a number of times. Within a couple of hours of opening, the AT and T store crashed from iPhone orders. The Apple store also shut down orders to help try and fix the problem. Because of these issues, the delivery date was pushed back. When AT and T shut down orders, they ran into a problem that some customers had been told they had not ordered the phone when they did, and visa versa. Are there going to be a lot more troubles with the iPhone 4G? iPhone 4G troubles are partially because there was so much demand. The structural issues with the iPhone 4G just aren't being fixed. Not having full reception, though, can be a good thing for spending budget – as the new AT and T's new data plans means you cannot download much before you owe a lot more money. // Get the Daily Financial News Articles widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

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They must have a full technical test instead before pushing it out to the public. Mostly and issue is occurring while the phone is already on the consumer. Even in iPad it has the same issues after launching the device, I have this one time, that iPad does not work in any attached accessories like ipad 2 keyboard which lead to my disappointment.