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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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You love or hate it... maybe you love and hate it. Prometheus, it's full of thought provoking ideas, it's Ridley Scott, it's Lindelof, it's Alien (sort of), but you can't deny the actual story is also full of idiots. So many issues with logic and common sense time and again and don't forget the countless unanswered questions there are in the film. There was really no one single answer to how this movie should have ended. In fact, we had to pull back on this one because there are actually too many scenes to go after. It will give you a headache to try and wrap your brain around all of the questions this movie puts in front of you.

So I wont write a novel this time about the short. I will just say this short was a pain and a joy (kind of like watching Prometheus) to work on. With Comic Con in the middle of this production we had a very time sensitive window to complete this one, and if Otis hadn't been available to paint the backgrounds I don't think we would have finished on time, nor do I think it would have looked as good. But when everyone stepped up to the plate I think they really brought their A-game. From Otis' artwork to Stephanie, Mark, and Brock's voice acting, I'm really pleased with the final video. As usual I thank everyone who was involved in this short.



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...the Claw!!!

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I just love HISHE. Excellent work on the technical end. The movies look super hi-res even on a huge 1080p screen!

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1:24 Is that sherif Johnson from FG.
"Rosebud" come out Out of nowhere 

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That's from Citizen Kane.

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Especially at the end where the alien gets another ship tries to fly to Earth then dies and the alien from the Alien films pushes out of him and then says i am a prequel.

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no i mean the scene where the  David puts the finger in the drink, and scientist totaly saw it. the voice acting sounded too familiar

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sounds a lot like Patrick Warburton the voice actor. He voices Brock from venture bros and kronk from The Emperor's New Groove. But there are several impressionists.

This was Hilarious. I have been anxiously waiting for it. It covered everything. Personally, I loved this movie. I saw it twice, and understand it. Anyway, Kiddo is on the champagne bottle David is holding. The Engineer at 1:43 Says Odinsleep, like in How Thor Should Have Ended!

Really like your work on this one, good job. And I love the music in this video! Was it written specifically for this video? Can I find it anywhere else, like, maybe, full version?

Somebody say please what soundtracks plaing from 1:54 to 2:27. I will be pleased =)