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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Scream is a wonderfully executed slasher who done it flick of the 90's full of multiple convenient coincidences, otherwise the story just couldn't happen.  Why can't the police get instant phone records from a phone company if it's a crime investigation?   Why does everyone let their kids run loose on killer curfew night?  Why does Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) not even attempt to investigate Sidney's boyfriend after he was thrown in jail for a night as Sidney's murder suspect?  Why does....  oh well, you get the idea.  It's all just structured perfectly to make the cat and mouse game work.   And it's loads of fun.So we thought we'd just point out some of the coincidences that would have made the film end differently if common sense was a factor rather than just change the classic twist ending.   And we also thought the best way to do that was with the famous "rules" scenario with Randy.   hope you guys enjoyed it.  Credits are the usual.Tina Alexander & Daniel B: the WritersStephanie Fisher: the GirlsDaniel Baxter: the GuysBryan English: the Music 


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Ha! Love the ending with freddy.............Go freddy!!!!!!! And I hear you a lot of things in that movie didn't make sense.Great job, loved it :)

Hillarious, especially the "call for your friends when your in trouble". Just keeps getting better and better!!!P.S. Saw Daniel in the back there. Nice Cameo

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I screamed with laughter on this short *ahem* My bad joke aside, this was your most violent short yet however a solid contender for the instant classic list.

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 Scream is one my favorite movies ever! I'm serious! I'm a movie buff so Randy's rules are like the writing on my gravestone. Awesome! Hopefully, no pressure, this means Scream 2 HISHE?!

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  I saw the famous Kiddo cameo. He's right next to Daniel Baxter's cameo!

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So, If I spent enough time at the forums I would probably know this, but who is the guy with the wolverine claws at the end?  Who also plays a tuba in Inception?

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Freddy Krueger: The Horror Villian so bad, you're surprised image links aren't banned on his wikipage. *shiver*Awesome short by the way, right up under Star Trek on my list :) Didn't think it would be possible to parodize a parody (since Scary Movie just basically made it even more hysterical) but you pulled trough. :DI tip my hat to you!  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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Did you reuse that kid with the blond hair and the blue shirt from your Weird Science video?

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Yep :)  The home alone background and the highschool background are from previous shorts as well.

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this was a good one! haha liquid courage on the beer plus he never puts it down, lol. and who ended up being the killer??? hhhhmmm???

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Interesting way to save time on these videos

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Funniest HISHE I've seen from you guys in a while. I am really impressed how you guys were able to take the opportunity of the Rules scene to point out every detail that you guys wanted to. Also, is that Daniel I see hanging out there? I didn't really see much of the original, but I'm going to have to go back and keep an eye out for you.Also, the jokes were well set-up and executed. I love when you guys are able to put one-liners in your shorts ("Hey, let's get him!") Great job! Also, Kiddo is in the portrait when everyone is visible at the party during the "rules" scene.

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Ahh.. I am enlightened.  Thanks!

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I love that Cap (Daniel) is in the back when the rules are being discussed.   Right on!  Awesome short!

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I love this. And I especially love that bottle of Liquid Courage Randy's holding. Just great. "Good-bye forever <3" (not really forever, but it's a fun thing to say at least once)   Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

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to be onest I dident thinck that hishe sceam was that funny

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when the killer was knocked out by the paint can in the end, was that suppose to be a shoutout to "home alone"?

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Think so. Man is this parody - packed!
Daniel in the background, home alone, lady says "Whhhhoooaaaaat?!" When she removes the mask... 
Awesome :)

This is one of my favorite HISHE videos yet! I love that you acknowledged all those "slasher movie" flaws! I mean, it's true, the victims are always so clueless and have no common sense whatsoever when confronted by the killer! I think it's awesome that you made them all smart for once and not completely defenseless! "Take that sucker out, kick him in the throat, do something, the dude was going to kill you!" LOL! Keep up the excellent work!