How It Should Have Ended
What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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At the end of Superman II, Superman tricks General Zod into by reversing the crystal chambers exposure to the kryptonian sun particles. Lex Luthor is the one who activates the machine taking away their powers. Superman then exits and defeats General Zod. Lex Luthor is still standing by the controls to the chamber, watches as Superman defeats General Zod.How it Should Have Ended:Lex Luthor, still standing by the controls, turns them on again, making superman mortal again.This could then lead to a cafe scene with Superman and Batman, discussing the anomoly and how Superman miraculously turns back into superman, like he did in Superman II earlier. He could make reference to the 'Richard Donner Cut' and say how he just flew around the world to reverse time again. Batman: "Wait, how did you reverse time when you were mortal?"Superman: "...that's the funny thing with time travel, it never happened."Batman: "...?"