How It Should Have Ended
What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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So, the climax of the movie, all or nothing, heal flynn or die and.... he cuts her hair off.Repunzel: Dude! I can't believe you just did that, I've spent my whole life growing that, I mean I just gave myself to a life of healing an old woman so I could heal you and now I have no magic hair and you're about to die! That's what I get for falling in love with a thief!Flynn: Ummm, sorry?Repunzel: And since the power undoes itself, my Mom is probably dead. Ok it could use some help, but the main ironys at the end are:Flynn is dying and Repunzel can't heal him. If the power undid itself, then she would have lost both mothersI mean, Repunzel had it pretty good off, nice Mom, cool tower and everything you could want. but of course, she is discontent.If you had a superpower, would you be happy if someone took it from you?Throughout the movie it is obvious she likes her hair, I think she would be upset if he cut it off like thatJust some thoughts, I thought it had a great potential to be a funny HISHE!