How It Should Have Ended
What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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I would like to start with the obvious B.A., the TV series B.A. looked like someone who could put his head through a brick wall while movie B.A. seemed he couldnt put his through plasterboard.Same goes for all the characters, each are watered down versions of the TV series, growing up with and being a massive fan of the TV series most probably makes me bias though.TV Faceman was one step away from the fonze, movie faceman i wonder why he isnt with twins far less triplets.And TV Murdock would loose because movie Murdock doesnt seem to be crazie.  TV Hannibal , scrub it whats with Liam Neesons hair.


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The TV show characters had more character and more depth the new movie just seemed like it was all mindless action, no gadgets, no comedy, the only good new character was Murdoch. Faceman and Peck made me hate those two actors they nearly ruined the movie