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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Top Gun... no doubt a movie that influenced every kid I knew growing up.  Hair styles, sunglasses, flight jackets... everyone wanted to be Maverick and Iceman.  And working on this project definitely brought back a ton of memories. The story is plane and simple.  And though the film is full of quotable moments, there aren't too many "flaws" per say except for who is responsible for Goose's death.  In the movie, Iceman and Maverick are in competition to be the "Best" and win the imaginary top gun trophy, so in their last combat training scene Iceman cuts off Maverick and Goose in order to get the winning kill shot.  However, he's too close and can't get a lock.  When he gives up and clears the shot for Maverick and Goose, his jet wash causes their plane to flat spin and Goose dies from ejecting too soon.So, the issue we have is that in the following scenes Maverick is the one questioned and HE actually takes the blame even though he wasn't really at fault.  Not once does anyone say something about how Iceman pushed his way inside and being reckless which is actually against Iceman's whole character.  So That's our flaw, and that's why our HISHE has Maverick punch Iceman in the face. :)Credits on this one are the usual compact crew.  Tina, Bryan, and Me.  Small crew, but still a challenging short to complete.  I really enjoyed getting to animate the jet fighting on this one.  Hope you all enjoyed it.


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But I was happy to see Tom dancing on the couch! EDIT: Kiddo on Iceman's Chest-Patch!

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It might be just me but the Topgun and Tron keeps freezing during the video. I play the older ones and they play fine.

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That was the most epic action sequence you guys have made since Avatar HISHE!!! The video is awesome and you are soo right, I wish I could punch Iceman right there and then myself! Good Job Again!@ cvm, I have the same problem with every video, so I usually wait till its up on youtube.Roses are red,Violets are blue, Optimus Prime is awesome,this poem doesn't rhyme, NOW GIVE ME YOUR FACE!

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I think it might have something to do with many people watching it, from the forums it didn't show but i have a feeling they've got an army base of fans out there.For me all new videos lag it isn't usually until sometime after the next one is releashed that it stops lagging. On short: Great one! I especially loved the slow-mo punch part, (as of lag I might have seen wrong but) the way the crowd subtly change emotion is great!Before we got it i suspected it being how Goose and Maverick pull of an evasive manouver saving them from ejecting and Goose from dying only return home laughing about how awesome they are and Goose dying this time around because its impossible to land a jet. (Video game)  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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I'll admit I've never seen Top Gun before. In fact, the only thing I was certain of  in this movie were that it involved fighter pilots and Tom Cruise plays in it.As far as the video goes, I loved the intro. As a total nerd, I appreciate that being put in. You would also be happy to know that I was able to follow along every step of the way!While we're being nerdy; the whole "Maverick and Iceman suddenly becomming best friends" thing is actually scientifically possible. In combat situations, you tend to throw aside such petty differences such as causing your friend's death, and work together. This is mostly because the ultimate goal is survival and humans tend to strive to live as long as possible. They are also sympathetic so the desire to betray isn't as strong in this situation. /nerd

did anyone notice that the guy who says "what the heck is going on up there" is the same teacher guy from terminator/back to the future.

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Nice catch!


They are the same actors, thats why.

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Funny video, and what the guy said at the beginning is how it definitely should have ended.

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0:00 - 27:00 LOL