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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Just to be clear in case any new members don't know, I LOVE PIXAR.  Love them!  And a Pixar HISHE of any title has been something I personally have feared because well, our drawings are 2d and you know... Pixar with it's unlimited capabilities and superior animation power it just seemed like the dumbest thing to ever try...  It would never live up to the quality of a real pixar film... people would just think it's a waste...  That's the negative voice that clouds my head sometimes. (you gotta tell that voice to hit the road)  And even though we had lots of requests for Wall-E and Up, it just didn't feel right making our first pixar HISHE attempt after those two titles, so we waited.   Then Toy Story 3 came along.  Then our Best Picture Summary came along.  After I drew one painting of the toystory cast at the city dump I thought we could pull this off.So enter the first problem:  Toy Story 3 is perfect.  Yeah you could go the depressing route and let the toys perish in the flames, but that's evil and no fun to animate (at least for me) So what could we make that would still entertain an audience?  We watched the movie Lots of times  and came up with pretty much nothing.  After lots of discussion the two things we settled on were, Lotso's anger issues and Andy giving away his toys.  So the script began from there.Now the second problem:  Toy Story voices are all RIDICULOUSLY hard to impersonate!  We had our little tryout for the voice of Woody and sadly didn't get much feedback.  But thank you very much to everyone who did respond.  The fact that you wanted to help was very refreshing to have during this project.  We love our fans :) In the end the role went to my friend Kyle Rodgers (first time voice on a HISHE project) who recorded his part remotely and made this our first remote voice recording in a HISHE short.  But with out a good voice for Woody, we were going to be in trouble.  So Kyle saved the day there.Third problem: Art was all over the place!  While producing another short at the same time as toystory, the artwork for this short could not have been more overwhelming.  Toy Story characters are all very detailed and VERY colorful, so getting through all the compositions was a serious task, but I am very happy with the final look of the short. So rather than just continue this play by play of how we made it.  I think I should just say instead, Thank you to all the close friends I have that helped complete this short.  This was an extremely important short to finish properly in my HISHE bucket list, and they really came in waves and helped me at the drop of a hat.  The credits are:Written By: Tina Alexander & Daniel Baxter(special thanks to Ruben DeLuna :)Voices:Lotso- Tommy WatsonWoody - Kyle RodgersBuzz Lightyear - Stephen DowlingBonnie - Stephanie FisherAndy, Rex, Big Baby, Wall-E - Daniel BaxterSully - Dave Dollarand Music:the Great Bryan English I hope you all enjoyed it.  This has been one of my favorites to see through to the end.  Thank you all who were a part of this, and thank you Pixar for constantly being an inspiration.


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The toys were donated to the daycare and the little girls mum works there so sooner or later shes going to see that her daughter has loads of toys the same as the ones that were donated and her dad will notice she has the Woody doll and say 'I bet thats worth a fortune, i wonder if theres a guy in a chicken suit out there that would buy it.

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Andys lucky he never had a Good Guy doll

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You know, you people are really hard on your fans here. I'm trying to say 'WoW best yet!' or 'Its even better than...' but how the heck are we supposed to comment on perfection? There is no word that could describe the effort and quallity you guys put in monthly here. Just make sure you remember when you have the next drink next drink: Two big thumbs up for you all from all of us down here in the comment sections :)  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

If that comment had a like button, I would have pressed it. 

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Seriously,If you were going that way, how could you not mention Sid PhillipsI dunno, something like "That weirdo Sid was right all along!"But overall it was an excellent shortThanks for the hard work man...:D 

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 Easily one of my favorites!!! Haha, I totally laughed my guts out at the other Pixar characters (didn't expect that) and the A113 plate and PU flag (expected that even less)! Good job!!! 

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It's hard to find fault in perfection but you did a good job. Take five Dan it seems you haven't moved from the drawing pad in ages.

I thought it was spectaular! You a fantasic job! I laughed at every joke! I liked how at the beggining Lotso turns good. When i watched the movie I really hoped that would happen. Fantasic Job! Bravo! Bravo! (Is thinking- i should tell all my friends about this website and this video.) Once again you,, have lightened my day with a comic video. P.S. i wish it was longer.GO! HISHE GO!

Also probably one of the cutest Hishes of all time. 

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You're too hard on yourself, this was AMAZING!!!! An exceptionally well done, one of if not the best HISHE shorts yet!!! Way to go in handling such an awesome movie! Keep it up guys!

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That was Awsome. i didnt see kiddo though. if anyone saw him could you post it. but that was awsome. you should do how pokemon should have ended (movie or one of the main series ex: regular pokemon, advanced battle, dimond and pearl, exct.) love your perfection

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I thot that the toystory3 hishe was soooooooooo funny but you could have done a better job on rexes voce just saying

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I believe I found Kiddo, he's one of the boxes as the van pulls away :)

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That's the one!

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This is in my top 5 favorite HISHE videos ever. I noticed that when Andy is talking on the phone with his mom I noticed a poster for the Thor movie. One question did you reuse some of the same characters from the Best Picture summary? Or did you have to remake them?

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This is in my top 5 favorite HISHE videos ever. I noticed that when Andy is talking on the phone with his mom I noticed a poster for the Thor movie. One question did you reuse some of the same characters from the Best Picture summary? Or did you have to remake them?

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I just watched it again and under the title 'Thor' on the Thor poster, it said HISHE, is that gonna be one of your next videos that you're planning to do?

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that was awesome thanks HISHE

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This Video is my favorite it just blew Batman out of the water It is the best Thanks man 

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I beg to differ!

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That you are AWESOME, one of the persons i look up to.The reasons for that are many, but the most important two of them are:1)You work with movies and understand pretty much about everything you do, besides producing well written stories2)you work with something that you love, and that, Sir, is admirable. One day I will work with movies too, and you are one of the persons that inspired me to it.Thank you,hope this mesage gets to you(I know you are buried in work and all)Your fan,Afonso

thats what she gets for calling him idiot

I cannot believe they had to tell him that they were alive and by the way you just crashed your car you just crashed your caaaaaaaaaarrr lol funny video

Ending song was funny and Andy was so cruel lol

 This is hilarious! A perfect example of a "laugh-out-loud" funny HISHE! This was actually one of the very first ones I ever saw and I loved it! Andy selfishly deciding to take the toys back, the toys telling Andy that they've been alive the whole time, Andy screaming like a girl and crashing his car, and Sully in his dorm room!!! HILARIOUS! I hope to see more HISHEs like this in the future.

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I admit I almost cried when they were at the dump and I cried when Andy gave his toys away. I am sooo glad that you guys ended the video with Andy keeping the toys! It was also about time for the toys to fess up!