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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Hey did you know that Michael Bay Transformers are time consuming to draw? WELL THEY ARE! This is was one of the more challenging shorts of our collection. Challenging, but since it was Transformers, I enjoyed it completely.

One of the most difficult things about this movie, besides the massive amounts of details in the transformers themselves, was which plot hole do we run with??? From Mikeala having the extra shard that they didn't use to save optimus, to wheelie mysteriously getting left behind when they teleport to Egypt, there was plenty of material to work with. Did anybody notice in the movie that the twin autobots just disappear after they fight devistator? They fight him, it goes to a different story line, then it comes back to devistator climbing up the pyramid with no twins fighting him. Where'd they go? Are they dead?? Did they just go hide? Anyway, i'm getting off track here.

People to thank for this are the usual. Stephanie Fisher for being our Megan Fox. And Bryan English for making amazing music AGAIN! In early production I stressed to Bryan how important the "you got the stuff" song at the end would be and that we had to nail that hair band rockout sound. He goes, "I'll call my brother, I think he can help us" Next thing I know we have our own rocking guitar solo. I was floored, and I knew we were gonna make alot of G1 fans smile.

So that's about all I can think of at this point. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


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Two points from different posts.

1. A Jeeptimus cameo would have been perfect.... or did we just miss it?

2. Whatever happened to the keytar?

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i saw this today...
and i have one question about the short...
at what point did iron hyde say "sam get to omptimus, he will protect you!"
I must have missed something cause i don't remember sam being near optimus at an appropriate time to say that...

it seems to me like just after Prime came back he destroyed the energon thing and the killed the fallen! when did this happen?

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I don't think it really matters if he specifically said it or not. I think the whole premise behind it is what matters. Besides, I doubt that Cap was able to watch the movie while he made the short :wink:

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The part with Sam and Ironhide is directly from the final battle when Sam yells "IRONHIDE!" and Ironhide yells back "SAM!" then one of the RC's says "get to the pillars, we'll take you to optimus" and she gets shot in the back. IronHide yells something else like "GET TO THE PILLARS!" and they leave. Our joke is sort of a summery of that section, but the point still makes sense to me. This is the second time sam could have been rescued and taken by vehicle to optimus during the final battle, but instead the Autobots don't communicate with each other and Sam runs on foot through a city which he knows nothing about. The first time he could have been rescued is when bumblebee saves him and his parents, but Sam has the genius idea of sending bumblebee away in order to keep his parents safe. However, if you keep watching the movie, the parents are seen at the end right where Sam ends up with the rest of the military cast, so bumblebee didn't go far.

I never did understand that "dramatic" father son moment between sam and his dad where Sam insists that the father let him go, cause minutes later they both end up at the same place. I also love the outtake you did with soundwave. Classic.

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and i thought the first one was bad....
*pukes all over floor*

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lol, i actualy liked this one more than transformers. Especialy the soundwave outtake. Loved it!

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Ok... I heard the song... my friends saw it... and we all want that.C'mon... when are we getting that song?Oh... and you guys should forget about the time limit and just make them as long as you want. 'Cause like TF itself had lot other golden moments that just BEGGED to be made fun of.

You should have put in the fact that no one noticed a giant robot hacking into a military satellite. At least in the first move they noticed the hack. Also, what happened to the fleet, there was only one submarine in the movie. How did they not notice Reed Mans giant eye?  And also, slight glitch. Sam used the shard Mikaela had to reactivate Jetfire. Also include the fact that Mikeala just steps outside to get in a white dress for no particular reason. Also, might want to point out the fact no one does anything other than yell at the mom before she gets high. Also, the Decepticons couldn't do anything other than call the Mom? God, & also, why did the Decepticons kidnap the parents? Sam didn't even know until they tossed them out. Also, how the hell does Bumblebee kill all those Deepticons. when they kill one? Also, how come no one but Sam has ever asked if he can talk?

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Soundwave spent the whole movie acting like the decepticons' cellphone, nice 2 c he wuz actually doin sumthin useful! Thanks 4 nothin Bay!

The real movie is pretty bad. the only good thing about it is Megan Fox.

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I literally yelled out loud when Optimus transformed to his G1 figure at the end.  That was awesome; especially the fact that it said that he'll change into what everyone wants him to be.  Great video!

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I love the Transformers series, and even though you butchered it a bit, it was REALLY FUNNY! I'm The-Cybre on Youtube too, just syk.

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to be completely honest i thought the original movie was AWSOME but this short is AWSOME-ER

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Long time Transformers fan (literally was allowed to get the toys and watch the cartoon at like age three, which would have been 1985).  I don't remember life without Transformers. ;)  Like many I have been both dissappointed and disgusted with how the live-action movies turned out, though I loved the first one until the fifth or sixth viewing when I started noticing all those raunchy scenes and jokes my brain tried to block out for my own sanity.  I couldn't bring myself to see the second or third movie.The ending was thrilling, and G1 isn't even my favorite series (Animated is my favorite, followed by RiD and then G1) but the needlessly complicated live action movie designs are just grating after a while.Did the music from the video ever become available?

It doesn't make sense when Megatron says "I'm just saying, if you can only be beaten by a prime and I just killed Optimus Prime earlier, than that technically makes me more powerful than you" to the Fallen because if the last prime is dead then the Fallen should be invincible.  Also, if the shard of the all spark in Mikaela purse was used to revive Optimus then Jetfire couldn't have been revived and couldn't have teleported Sam, Mekaela, and everyone else traveling with them to Egypt.

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You should toatlly make a dark of the moon one.

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hahahaha sooo funny good one jasper XD