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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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Longest Head Fall Off Ever


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By the way, I just saw Underworld Evolution this weekend. I started humming "hello my darlin, hello my baby" at in the recap / flashback scene where they show the decapitation from the first film.

Too funny that they cut that scene just to the point where his head falls off.

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:lol: so funny that we influenced your movie watching experience!

What did you think of Evolution?

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To be quite honest, I have no idea really.

I kinda liked EVOLUTION... but not nearly as much as the first.

For a sequel I felt like the story did a great job of justifying itself as a follow up to the original. It (the story) didn't have the same Shakespearian tones... which I deeply missed. But it still made a great companion to the first movie. Something not many sequels accomplish.

But what may have ruined the film for me was that... I don't know... I felt like the characters (except that guy who's name sounds like Tennis) were all very flat. I think they assumed we'd carry over everything we knew and felt about them from the first film... Does that make sense? A lot of sequels do that.

For instance, I hadn't seen the first film since the first time I saw it a few years ago and had therefore forgotten all the tension b/w Selene and Michael. So it felt like kind of a wierd transition when they got all cow-eyed with each other. I found that I was almost scientific about the love scene... instead of yay they finally hooked up (which would have made the scene more powerful) I just wondered what Mendel's theorem's would have to say about a vampire having a hybrid's baby (which shouldn't have entered my mind until much later on) (like in Underworld 3 in a perfect world).

I don't know. It could have been better. It could have been much worse.

By the way, sorry to be so wordy.

PS. Speaking of the HISHE influence ... every time I try to watch a Lord of the Rings, I keep hearing "can you imagine if we walked?", "It's so far!" and "one of us might have died." I think you might have ruined that whole series for me. In the good way (think Seinfeld and the English Patient).

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I kind of felt the same way about fact, I really think you hit the nail on the head why you said they didn't do any character developing! I just remember feeling like you HAD to see the previous one to enjoy this one, and that's probably why.

I did like all the back story and history in Evolution, but I really missed the sort of dark mystery that the first one had. This one showed to many monsters to me...and I really enjoyed the vampire lore of the first one over all these fancy hybrid monsters!

Anyway, I totally agree. It was worth seeing for me, but didn't blow me away.

"Hello my baby, hello my darling." Perfect! Loved it.

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I just saw this one. Then I re-watched the movie's beheading. This short didn't get the credit it deserves. So funny.

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thanks ken :) Underworld HISHE is one of those "you have to have seen the movie" to get it. except for the singing frog reference. that's just kind of out of left field.

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that singing frog cartoon is a classic. one of my favorites

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Little Red Death wrote:

:lol: so funny that we influenced your movie watching experience!

What did you think of Evolution?

ive neverf watched the ending scene of spiderman 3 the same

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