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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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The urge to cross over every 80's movie with Anthony Michael Hall was very hard to let go on this one, but we didn't want to repeat another Saving Private Ryan bit.

I freakin love the real movie "weird science" I wish we had time to make this short bigger. But so many things got in the way. Superman exploded, I got sick, the phone calls and e-mails started rollin in. It felt like alot anyway. Sorry this one took so long to finish.


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Don't apologize for Weird Science! It's brilliant! What were those writers thinking when they made that stuff up?

By the way, the Chet voice was RIGHT ON! Crazy good!

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I agree with LetsGoBuffs... Chet's laugh made me want to watch "the real" WS again. Nice one.

I loved it! And the main thing I want to know is what the final words are at the end - they sound like "taste like fiction!"

Sorry, but even though the movie is a cult classic, this HISHE installment just wasn't very good. I mean, the whole movie everything is way over the top, it's kind of a recurring thing huh? If anyone took the film seriously at all, well...

Anyway, Mr. Fury, whoever was trying to duplicate the soundtrack (decent job btw) was saying "it's my creation!" I believe.

To you HISHE guys, Superman and Wonka were great, but this one just came up short.

Maybe for you, but it's my second or third favorite next to Superman and A New Hope.

That's great, I'm glad we can all share our opinions, right? :P

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please don't ever stop sharing your opinion. good or bad, joyed or dissapointed. It only helps us get better.

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I hate to admit it but I suspect age has something to do an appreciation for this HISHE.

Who knows?


I can see why it would be really tempting to go back through Anthony Michael Hall's career. His resume offers a lot of material.

By the way, anyone remember the WS TV Series? That looked like ... quite a show. I'd have been tempted to go that route personally, but to tell the truth I don't know that I could have come up with anything funnier than the fact that WS had a spin off series.

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With all do respect to the amazing work on all of the other shorts, I have to say you guys were way way off on this one. :roll:
The really bad ending of this movie is that after creating the "ultimate" woman complete with magical powers, both guys choose average girls that they only know from a distance, instead of the godess who changed their lives for the better. :shock:
Maybe it is way way to obivious, but come on guys lets straighten this one out and show, HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED! :mrgreen:

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Wow! We've created a controversial one! Seriously, SimleCap and I agree, we want your opinions.


The really bad ending of this movie is that after creating the "ultimate" woman complete with magical powers, both guys choose average girls that they only know from a distance, instead of the godess who changed their lives for the better.

I totally agree CTALONS. But I think it was just way too hard for us to resist the scene where they where bras on their heads, plug in a barbie doll, and scan pictures of supermodels and Eisnstein! :D

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I fell in love with a Barbie once. Trust me... they made the right decision. That kinda relationship never works out in the long run.

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My son and I have been watching Pinky and the Brain together. I've always thought that whole "Pinky's girlfriend is a postcard" gag was genuis...

Sorry. The thought of the guys ending up with a computer animated dolly...


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Pinky and the Brain were awesome!

citizenbuck's picture

Way ahead of its time...

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but... Kevin Costner with an English accent? I dunno.

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This one is up there near the top for me, too. There were quite a few things that really cracked me up. First of all, hearing SimpleCap singing the theme song had me rolling. I got this mental picture of him singing "it's my creation..." into a computer mic. Second was Wyatt's voice. It was perfect. And the third thing was Chet's laugh. I agree with LetsGoBuffs and citizenbuck that it was right on, and made me want to watch the movie. I only regret that Chet as the giant trash monster didn't find his way into the movie, but I understand that with the revised ending, he never existed in that form.

Anyway, I'm in the camp that says this is one of the best.

I really got to disagree fellow friends of HSHE, I think this one missed the target.
The movie already pounded into your head that these kids were geeks, so to show an ending that has a point that was already made is kinda redundant.

How about if they tried the experiment many times with different (scary/funny) results...could have a closet full off 80's teen girl celebrities...Are you even allowed to have an 80's teen movie without Molly Ringwald? Its the red heads that make the difference!

Or what about after the funny shower scene, Kelly LeBrock gets arrested for child endangerment/statutory rape?

Tina's picture


Its the red heads that make the difference!

I couldn't agree more :lol: !!

Seriously, we appreciate your criticism. I think even we wish there were some things we did differently with this one...we had lots of ideas too, but settled with this one. It was the logical ending, not so much making fun of them being geeks, but of the absolute ridiculousness of the scene were they break into the crazy computer system, plug in a barbie doll, and scan pictures, etc. That scene made us laugh the hardest in the end.

But its not my favorite either...and its always weird to hear which ones are peoples favorites because everyone has such different tastes. Hang in there Guest...hopefully we'll hit your funny bone again soon! :)

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But its not my favorite either

your mom's not my favorite.


:lol: :lol: :lol:

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You're a dork.


A rare miss my friends...a rare miss.
I guess it is the exception that proves the guys rock.

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This one was great. Thanks!

I was in High School when that movie came out. It was a silly movie, but we watched it to see Kelly LeBrock.

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Wasn't she the HOTTEST thing during that time period? Now I look back and think - - what were we THINKING?

Anyway, welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you!

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I?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ¥ll try not to be too critical, after all this is just for fun, but I do enjoy a good debate sometimes.

I am a bit of a writer myself (I am trying to get a science fiction book published) so I know how hard it is not to overlook something. In fact, I am rewriting a whole manuscript because I overlooked several details the first time I wrote it.

Science Fiction audiences have got to be the hardest audience to write for. They will nit-pick the heck out of your work and find flaws in your logic.

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Hey REB! Welcome to the HISHE boards! By the way, nice Mitch Hedberg avatar!

REB's picture

Thanks for the welcome. Actually, that is me in 1989. Like those 80's shades :)

Who is Mitch Hedberg ?

I was thinking about changing it to something else.

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SWEEEET! You look like Mitch Hedburg!!! He's one of the funniest dudes to ever should check out his stand up CDs sometime. They're not available on iTunes, unfortunately, but you can pick up his stuff in a store.

REB's picture

I was always told I looked like Michael J. Fox. I heard that almost every day in the 80?¢‚Ǩ?°?É‚Äû?ɬ¥s.

That picture was taken almost 20 years ago (Has it been that long- Yikes!) My hair is a little shorter, glasses smaller and I am about 20 pounds heavier.

I'll have to check out Mitch Hedburg. Thanks 8)