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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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I'm going to go with Wolverine, but it could be a tough one. Of course, maybe the better question should be Wolverine against Dutch, since he already beat a Predator.


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Wolverine HANDS DOWN. No question about it. Wolverine has gone toe2toe with the HULK YES THE HULK! And he's stood his own - Wolverine is simply the baddest Sob in the marvel universe BTW we talking about comic wolverine not movie. Wolverine will slice him into pieces, he would dodge his blasts and he would just stab him in his face. We forget to mention that wolverine is a trained martial artist having gone to japan and all over asia, he will know where to attack the predator. He will slice his feet, open spots where there's no armor, and besides his claws will go through the armor! Not to mention his super healing and his smell sense, Predators invisibility will not work. IN FACT! The predator will become the prey!!

NO WAY, predator would decamate. Im a HUGE X-MEN fan from way back(did u know they used to be comic books lmao) but lets be realistic. Predator has lasers and nets and SPACESHIPS, 3-4 visions and ultra sensative hearing, wolvarine has over grown metallic fingernails lol.

The real question here is would a predator see him?????? with a metallic skeleton wouldnt that cool his over-all body temp down?

God that would be the best comic cross over of all time. I would think you would have to up the stakes a bit , wolverine verse a Hunting party of at three Predators. I could see the first panel starting with "a large claw of a hand touching a button and dozens of images of Wolverine and the Xmen battleing diffrent foes, flashing across larger window with the earth in the back ground. then all the images freeze , and a hand rises and points at close of Login in the Predator tonge says that one. " then it gos from there.
end result , my money Wolverine.. 8)

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The problem here is which version are you dealing with...

Predator 1 or 2 vs X-Men movies= Predator (If Huge Jackman is way too PG)
Predator movies or comic vs Classic X-men comics = Wolverine ( Logan was unlike anything ever in comics)

Now if they knew about each other abilites...Predator if he gets off a laser snipe

If they bumped into each other in the woods and knew nothing...Wolverine (healing factor saves him from the worst beatings and enemy would think the battle was over when it was not, See Hulk vs Wolverine)

(See Brood aliens vs class X-men comic for more details)

You are all forgetting that the predator has a mini-nuke on his arm and that they could pull the predators out and unleash a captured alien queen which could in turn make a new alien hive and yeah game over for wolverine.

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Good point the Predators were really advanced.
Yet, despite that they never went out of their way beyond what they had on hand to fight. Since they never killed anyone unarmed, they seemed to have some sense of honor. They would never nuke where logan was in order to kill him in fact, he would be the greatest prize.
It would be one on one and no nukes.

Secret Asian Man wrote:

You are all forgetting that the predator has a mini-nuke on his arm and that they could pull the predators out and unleash a captured alien queen which could in turn make a new alien hive and yeah game over for wolverine.

predator, clearly.

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No way, Wolverine EASY. Predator got beat by humans in the first 2 movies, Wolverine's claws go through their armor. He got blown up, got his gut ripped open, has taken shotgun shots to the face. DO not confuse comic book wolverine with cheap movie wolverine, comic book wolverine is a beast. AS in he'll be HUNTING the predator. He can sense him, smell/hearing, vision, Predator can use lasers, blades -- DOES not matter, wolverine is too fast and stronger THAN Arnold the governator(Yeah I couldn't spell his dam last name)

Wolverine has battled the BADDEST of the villains, he fears no predator FOR dying in battle is the greatest glory of all... Wait a minute, wrong movie.

Predator vs Batman, like they had some video once on the net, that would be a cool fight.

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Secret Asian Man wrote:

You are all forgetting that the predator has a mini-nuke on his arm and that they could pull the predators out and unleash a captured alien queen which could in turn make a new alien hive and yeah game over for wolverine.

If I remember correctly, Wolverine survived a nuke like thing in Meltdown.

Wolverine. Predator can die. Wolverine can die too but he goes down much harder. Plus he has unbreakable bones and claws that cut anythin'

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GOShSh somebody put that dam voting thing here so we can vote on who will win. Yes, in Marvel's civil war wolverine survived an explosion of MAssive magnitude that destroyed a nearby school. wOLVErine cannot ANd will not die.

Predators aren't all that crazy people, they have some nifty technology, and are pretty strong, I'd put them on the level of about Beast's strength. Let's see, Wolverine is has some superhuman strength at well, breaking chains, lifting cars, I'd say they're about equal.

Healing factor, as well as all his other senses combined, his ADAmanTIum laced skeleton means this battle is clearly in favor of wolverine. He's fast enough to dodge bullets, and has served for the Canadian Government .

Wolverine has had his eyes gouged out, heart taken out, heart impaled, fell from an airplane, his metal ripped out by Magneto, Sabretooth who they've fought for days at a time, week's of chasing and hunting one another, how can you say Predator can win?

I'd say plenty of mutants have the advantage over the Predators, cause they're simply meant to hunt Humans, mutants are a different breed.

Now JUbillee Vs a Predator! That will be a fight I'll pay to see!

ok, this is potentially a close match;

Wolverine has extreme senses, greater than the predator's. Wolverine also has apparently indestructible adamantium bones and claws.

the predator would most likely loose in a match between the two. unless the predator's weapons happen to be adamantium, or something stronger; in the second predator movie, the predator's smart-disc was tested and found to be an unknown element stronger than any known metal, which means that if adamantium was a known metal, it was stronger than that, and if it wasn't it might have been adamantium.

so in the case that the predator's weapons and armor are made from adamantium or something stronger, there is a good chance of the predator winning; the comic book wolverine survived being completely de-fleshed because his brain was protected by his adamantium-plated skull (as long as his brain is not destroyed, he lives period). if adamantium (or the possible stronger metal) can cut through adamantium then the predator could theoretically get a head shot in on wolverine and kill him. What a fine trophy that predator would have lol.

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 Alright no way the predator would win this one, if Arnold can kill the Predator then Wolverine would totally own him  I'm sorry did my sarcasm hurt your feelings?

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WOlverine. Predator may have a nuke and be more advance and may be leathal in movies and it's true Wolive is pg in movies... But Wolvie is first and foremost, a comic book character. :D Logan can heal, the mini nuke may work on the surrounding area, but he'd make it out alright. He'd take a hell of a long time to heal, but as long as Predator is dead too he'd be like 'fuck it, I'm goin home'. Wolvierine... is no pussy cat. Comic wise, he's killed and killed a lot. Not to quote him but... Logan is the best at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice. It was from comics first... leavemealone. But yea so anyways, Wolvie would win hands down. Beeter bet would be how long it would take Wolvie to wear the predator down before he would ka-boomed himself.

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since one predator is obviously outmatched by wolverine, how about we even the scales a bit??lets say..... 30 predators vs wolverine  

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If Wolvie can take down an army of Skrulls or Hydra... he can tooootally take on the 30 alien Preditor Pack easy as pie.   

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Wolvie all the way! Come on! The only way he can die is by chopping his HEAD off! I def. think he would win! ;)

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PREDATOR , he's got weapons that would kill Wolverine in an instant. His wrist blades would slice through Wolverine with ease , his shoulder cannon can blow up any ones head , and Pred's net gun slice and dice that mutant into Legos. Plus : Wolverine can't slice through Predator's armor.

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I'd say that an unprepared predator would be easy target for Wolverine but if we talk about one that watched him for a while and knows al labout him including his weakness to magnetism (which is probable)... Then a predator could easyly kill him of. I mean if you can travel between solar systems you defenetly can make a super charged electro magnet and then cut of his head while he can't move...Then again even though the new movie doesn't show as much i'd like to think that they are more fair players than not. Sure they use invisiblity shield when are out numbered but i think a true predator would even accept death in order to have a fair battle with a warrior like Wolverine, so perhaps he wouldn't want to exploit this weakness...I hear that The Spoony One (if anyone heard of him) is going to make a mock of show of Deadliest Warrior where he matches fictional characters. I guess we could ask him to make an episode like this (though it would probably take much time to do so).

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Lets see here...Wolverine has a very very long life span, his whole skeleton is made up of an indestructible skeleton, he has 11 inch adamantium claws and he doesn't need to hide from his enemies under some cloak.                As for Predator, He can killed by human weaponry, he is not indestructible, his claws are fake and can be broken and he hides from his enemies when there are too many of them.                  SO IN CONCLUSION, there is no competetion, its Wolverine for the win!                (P.S. Wolverine has better movies than Predator)