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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

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 Many TV movies are subpar in quality to be polite (SyFy original movies for a generalized example), but there are always some decent ones, but even more bad ones. Some of the worst I have ever seen are naturally SyFy Original movies, but these ones really take the cake by taking everything that is bad about these movies, and making it even worse. 1. Triassic Attack: Dinosaur skeletons are resurrected through an implausible native american curse and nausia inducing misuse of CGI to reek havok on a town. It combines sophomoric comic relief, indescribably poor acting, a ludicrously implausible plot, and boring "horror" scenes. To top it all off the "science" part of the science fiction is flawed to the point of being unrecognizable as science. 2. Basilisk: See above.3. Taking 5: This one was actually on ABC family. It too had a ludicrously implausible plot in which two girls kidnap the members of a boys band. It was also plagued with terrible acting. I can't believe I let my sister make me watch this. 


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More of a "Live Action" kind of thing, but without a doubt, M Night Shyamalan's adaptation of the beloved "Avatar: The Legend of Aang" was a severe penetration up the ass that is my childhood! Simalrily, Ben 10 - but I let it slide because their director didn't use to make good movies. Also, anything that is a "Disney Original" needs to die.ScFy is kinda famous for that. XD

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This might not be fair, since I systematically plan my life around the really bad movies but there is a movie, or rather a group of movies that are so horrifingly terrible that you can tell from trailers they have no reason to exist. I'm of course talking about the Highlander Sequels...Then there is one or two Y2K flicks out there that I watched once but I can't rember which one they were. Only thing I rember from one of them is that a computer LITERLALY upgraded itself out of nothing to full sentinence in a single moment (because of bug) just so he can turn evil... And it was like a Windows 95? So we're well past even Short Circuit logic here.  Ather lenoro' sharanteh! (Ather's light guide us!)"Food for thought!"

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my brother made me watch "the little polar bear" the other day.worst movie ever...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------what is up my homie