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What is the point of all those push ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

The Dark Knight Rises HISHE is Here

Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 12:43

Hello everyone out there who's been patiently waiting for our latest cartoon! Wait no more! Please enjoy our second batman short. I am especially happy with it as it was one of the more fun/challenging shorts to put together. There where so many options to go with. I'd almost say it would be fun to even make a "Part 2" episode just so we could make all the jokes we had been tossing around.  It also makes me want to go back and make my original Batman Begins episode just to have an official trilogy like the Star Wars HISHEs. (probably save that one for another time, I know, that's lame, I know sorry) BUT I hope you guys like the Rises HISHE. If you want the quick bio, the link is here in THE FORUM for the proper thanks and shoutouts.

Later friends!  Thanks for watching and sharing!


Knight Knight dart. Classic. :)
Also, awesome work on the 3D title sequence!

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I want a Super Cafe episode discussing Dark Knight Rises with at least iron man, batman, catwoman and superman

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I would gladly watch a part 2 and/or A Batman Begins HISHE. 

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Excellent to see 5 different endinga of this movie, like the sleeping darts and the flooding scene as well.

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Dude you really need to make a shawshank redemption HISHE now

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That was awesome!  I loved the Clark Kent cameo.  Great job as always, guys ^_^

I just found out about HISHE today, very funny. I Found out about it through Batman on film they posted this video on their site. Really great production. It's only fitting that your video had the same amount of production put into it as the movie. It definetly shows. I could have spent 2hr45min watching a TDKR HISHE. You definetly need to make a part two. Super Cafe is a freakin' killer. What rock have I been living under to only find out about this now.....

That was a good episode. Watched you guys since Lord of the Rings and completely related to the common sense senerio you all made. Hope you make another TDKR, would be funny to see Wayne change his security settings after knowing Catwoman stole his fingerprints. Anyways, huge fan and keep up the fun work.