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Into Darkness

Submitted by Daniel on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 11:34

The new Star Trek teaser has been released.

Thoughts? Opinions? Praises? Complaints? I for one am excited about the film, if anyone knows me, they know I very much enjoy JJ Abrams' style. His joy and passion for scifi is the stuff that reminds me why I love the movies. So I'm a fanboy to some degree, but I do have complaints about the marketing campaign/campaigns of late for this. I'm not sure which film kicked it off.  I want to say it was Inception though I could be wrong, but it seems we have really used up the action trailer style of the menacing siren-like horn blast BWAAAAAAA, fade to black, BWAAAAAAAA fade to black, BWAAAAAAAAAAAA technique.  Inception, Transformers dark of the moon, Tron Legacy, Battleship, those are the ones that pop in my head, but I know there are more.   It seems to have become the new template.  Everything is copying each other, put the word DARK in the title, make it feel like all hope is lost, end-of-the-world, I wouldn't be surprised if Spock has to use a bow and arrow at some point because everything cool right now has some form of bow. Star Trek zombies?? that could happen. The Search for Zombie Spock. 

I wonder where does the action movie go from here?  How many times can we tease the "apocalypse" idea before people are done with it? Perhaps it's already happening? (Warm Bodies) I trust that JJ Abrams and company have put their heart and soul into this picture, and I know I will enjoy it, but i can't help but sense everyone copying Christopher Nolan in terms of his marketing. Even Nolan's third batman film had to copy the title of his "DARK knight" hit. When the third Star Trek movie comes and it's titled :Rise from Darkness then I will be officially sad. But untill then I'm still hopeful something new will re-energize the trailer template.



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I am so excited about the actor from "Sherlock" being in this movie. It's one of my favorite shows, and he is one of my favorite actors. I saw that you mentioned "Zombies". Speaking of which, how is the ending coming along to the Zombie Comics? You did say it would be finished by 2012.

Looks great! I'm guessing it is a remake of revenge of khan in a way (If you watch the last clip of the Japanese trailer, you'll see it)
I agree, everything is following the "dark" trend, just look at "Thor: the DARK world".
I am looking foward to the completion of the zombie comics.

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Just watched the Japanese trailer for it, I never knew Khan was related to Kirk in the original movie at all and can't wait for it to start in 2013. 

This one has nothing to do with Khan...

How many Star Trek movies are based around someone getting revenge? Very disappointed in the lack of creativity on this one... and yet, I can't wait to see it...

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The poster comparison is stunning - good eye.  I've been wondering when we're gonna see the kick back from all this dark heaviness and get back into Joel Schumacher territory, for better or worse...

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But when I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was going to play the villain... I laughed hard and said, "Well, I know at least that part will have to be worth watching." The man is a brilliant actor. And he's being smart, establishing an incredibly powerful nerd fanbase (Sherlock, The Hobbit, and now Star Trek).

There is now a slight chance I'll go see it.

And someone needs to pass a law making it illegal for anyone except Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, and Benedict Cumberbatch to narrate documentaries and read audiobooks.

Now, I really want to know if he can sing...

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Have you ever seen the BBC Sherlock series?

They gotta do Ho Into Darkness Should Have Ended...
By the way, the BBC Sherlock is freaking amazing...