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HISHE Store Open

Submitted by Daniel on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 14:48

Our store is up with it's first batch of shirts! 

Go check'm out! There is still time on the 15% off with the code: HISHESHIRTS. Offer is good through 8/26.


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Well it's time to get myself some new t-shirts now.

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Well it's slightly expensive on the Shipping end though.

I find this very exciting. I can't decide which on to get! I wish that I could get all of them, but sadly, no. I think that I might get the super cafe one, but I also really want tank missile. decisions, decisions... lol.

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But i decided to buy a T-shirt last night though and decided to do the $13.99 shipping as the premium is way to expensive at $39.99 or something like that.

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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees  praise jebus

Hey, when is the second batch of t-shirts coming? I'm still waiting for a "I'm Batman" shirt.

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Awesome t-shirts! I'll definitely be getting one of them. But why is there a Doctor Who one? Have I missed out on some Doctor Who HISHE?!

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Question. So you can't make a super cafe shirt with Batman and Supeman sitting down? or you can?
I only ask cause there is a shirt of super cafe but with no one sitting in the booth.