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Man of Steel HISHE

Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 07/15/2013 - 17:58

When MoS hit theaters, I knew there would be a wave of requests for us to parody it, but I did not think it would be as many requests as we actually received. Not only were people demanding it, they were getting mad for having to wait. Even when the movie wasn't even 2 weeks old. People were acting like why have you not made this cartoon yet?!? and they were serious. 3 weeks in theaters, WHERE IS MAN OF STEEL?!?! I'm gonna unsub if you don't hurry up! As if our cartoons are ever made that fast, and never mind we were already making fast and the furious while prepping man of steel during that time. It was clear what our fans wanted. So it has been with great care that we took on this title and now, one month later, the Man of Steel HISHE is completed and as always I hope you enjoy it.

I personally love this short.  And not like a oh pat myself on the back kind of thing, I'm just excited at how many people got to be involved in this one. There are lots of names, old and new, attached to it and I always love the shorts that have multiple people involved.  Always feels like a bigger accomplishment for some reason.  This is our first short to feature 3 new guest voices. The Fine Bros, who play the Kryptonian soldiers, and who also made a Teens React episode of HISHE a while back. And Scott Stoked, who plays Jor-El and Jonathan Kent (which is a bonus clip for later) It's always great to have multiple voice actors rather than just my goofy voice for everything.  So I'm always a fan of new voices, and I thought they all did a great job.

Otis Frampton painted some beautiful backgrounds, as he always does.  Everything from his genesis chamber to the Kent living room just feels perfect to me.  And Bryan English always makes a great soundtrack when we get to use him.  So I'm a little sentimental on this one.  It was an important cartoon, and I'm really happy with what we put together.  As for story, if you hate what we've made, or you thought we should have gone in a different direction, or maybe you are just interested in our thought process, the writing process went like this:

I saw the movie 4 times, Tina watched twice I believe.  Tina and I have talked about Man of Steel seriously all month long.  So much so that we are pretty exhausted about it :) What is it about MoS that some found annoying but others find awesome?  What is it that are leaving some unsatisfied?  Is it the complexity of the mixed signals Kal-El's two dads give him?  Is it the neck snapping?  Is it the lack of light hardheartedness?  Yes.  So where could the movie have changed that?  At the fourth viewing it hit me, It's pretty silly that Kal-El doesn't even go talk to his hologram dad when Zod shows up and threatens the earth.  Not even to just say "Hey I'm gonna go fight Zod, you got any pointers?"  He already knows his dad knows about him.  Why wouldn't you just go ask him about it?  But he doesn't do that.  He goes and thinks about it alone in a random church so we can have the symbolic stain-glass window scene, and then immediately turns himself over to the army/humanity

No.  Kal-El/Clark Kent would not do this.  He would immediately go back and talk to space dad. (which is already in itself the same symbolism of the stain-glass window if you ask me) And then space dad would say "Just go throw your phantom drive into theirs" just as he tells Lois when she miraculously thinks to plug Clark's control key into the first triangle shaped hole she finds on board Zod's ship.  We don't even have to go into the why didn't Jor-El just disable Zod's ship completely while he was there... because if Clark had gone to dad in the first place, he wouldn't have to.  And even more importantly if Clark had gone to dad in the first place, absolutely none of the destruction would have ever taken place during the Zod battle.  Game over.  The world is saved along with all the people inside the would be demolished buildings.

So that's what we ran with.  Supe saves the day.... again.  :)

Thanks for watching!  Hope you guys enjoyed it.



Love it! You guys have done it again.
Personally, I enjoyed the movie (way better than the original series). Yeah sure, Clark could have easily talked to his space dad first, but hey, what is a superhero movie without destruction.
You know its funny you mentioned symbolism during the church scene; my aunt pointed it out to me, but I didn't think about it. Then I saw it the second time and thought "dang, she was right!"
Also, like how you replaced "tank missle" with "phantom drive". Classic
I can't wait for justice league, just so you can make a video of it!

Well done; definitely worth the wait. The artwork was great (did you do that all by memory???) and I loved all the dialogue.

Uh... here's a dumb idea..
Clarks says..  "Hey..  that world machine can terraform any planet right?"  Zod says" Uh yeah?"
Clark says " You know we have like 7 other planets right? Wanna remake krypton on one of those?"
Zod says "That's a great idea!  Man, that long trip through space for 30 years really messed with my head. Here.. Have a cookie."